It’s 3 am, early morning and it’s raining outside. I have a cup of coffee on my table.

Hmmm … na ..   I was just trying to make this blog post sound normal,  which it is definitely not. This is a confused post from a confused blogger.

Confusion Number One : What type of blog is this ?

Surprised ? Yes, I am confused to the bottom ! What type of a blog is this ? Is this a personal blog ? If  the answer is yes, what happened to my “personal” posts ? No updates about where I am, what I am up to these days .. etc etc …   then how can you call this a personal blog ?.

Okay, then .. is this a tech blog ? oops …. no … posting some links about news you find online doesn’t make this a tech blog .. right ? and yes, archives are full of personal posts and ramblings …

Now, help me, dear friend .. on your books, is this a personal blog or a tech blog ?

Confusion Number Two : What Happened to my comments ?

I have nothing more to say about this .. check the number of comments on few recent posts here .. and then take a look at the archives here … see posts with 25, and 50 comments ?

Something is terribly wrong here .. and I have no idea what it is !! Help me !!

Did I confused you too ? I am sorry ….. GOOD !!

image by db*photography