“Amen” Autobiography of an (ex) nun

Amen by Sister Jesme
Amen by Sister Jesme

Sister Jesme, ( name made from, “Jesus and Me” she says ).  Served as a nun in the CMC congregation for about 33 years. On August 31st, 2008, she decided to leave the congregation and life there. If you are saying “that’s crazy”, read this ; she has PhD in English Literature, and was principal for two colleges in Kerala, 3 years each.

Oh, I see a big WHY on your face now. The same “why” that  made me buy the book and finish reading it the next day (178 pages, it was not tough).

This book is not a complete autobiography, since it tells only her life inside the convent and why she left that place. And I felt that the book was written in “hurry” since the language was not “polished” enough for someone with great knowledge in English literature.

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