The White Tiger

The White Tiger speaks about India, in a way no one else will. I said no one else will and not no one else can’t. I will tell you why. It’s because most of us can describe India as White Tiger does, but we will not.

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The Thief Lord

The Thief Lord (original German title: Herr der Diebe) is a 2000 children’s book by German author Cornelia Funke, whose books have been published in many other languages. It is available in English from Chicken House Publishing, Ltd. It was published in German in 2000 and translated into English by Oliver Latsch in 2002 for The Chicken House publishing company. It was also adapted into a film in 2006.

I’ve been telling you guys about my “readers block” right ? Okay, it’s not over yet, but yesterday, I managed to finish another book, The Thief Lord. When I was reading the book, I didn’t know that it had become a movie in 2006.  ( do you think I will stop reading the book and look for the dvd if I knew it ? ). But it was late when I realized that there is such a movie. I did not feel like stop reading the book to search for the dvd. I was driven by the suspense and engaging narration … I had to read it. So, if you are a fan of Harry Potter, Animated movies, and if Cartoon Network is in the list of your favourite TV channels, you must read this book.

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Chetan Bhagat, Screw him !!

Not really, just that I learned use this cool phrase from his book, “Five point someone”. Don’t ask me if this is the only thing I learned from that book ok ?

Let me tell you something, I am not reviewing the book here, ok ? I can’t review any book, actually, ( I really don’t know how to !! someone teach me ? ) All I can do is,  share my experience; is that the thing that you call book review ? uhmm, I am not quite sure,

This one was a fun read, easy to follow, and funny, most of the times. I felt that I am in a conversation with the author, and I didn’t want the book to have an end at all….

Fighting Readers Block ….

I was finding it hard to read more books, like how I used to do, during my college days. Now, with this book, I realize that my tastes have changed, and I should think about something “young” – this one, of course. I finished this book in 6 days which is pretty fast, compared to my average speed these days and now I feel like reading more .

Suggestions ?

Hermann Hesse, “Siddhartha”

“When someone is seeking…it happens quite easily that he only sees the thing that he is seeking; that he is unable to find anything, unable to absorb anything…because he is obsessed with his goal. Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal.” Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

I read this book in Malayalam and I am finding it little difficult to express, what it was like. I feel great, … I feel, I got something that will help me look at life and people from a perspective which is very much different from what it is now.

It’s tough to understand, sometimes, like when he says “There is no past, or future, …. everything is present. ..”  It is tough, when he says,

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Blog of Small Things

So, what happened to my reading habit ?

Bad news first : I am yet to finish the book ” God of Small Things”.Now the good news : I am still reading it, and I am reading few other books too.

Yes, I am still reading God of Small Things. I loved it, and was inspired enough to rename my blog to, Blog of Small Things. Offline Blog was a temporary name, and I was looking for a new name all this time. So, here we are , with the new name, “Blog of Small Things” How is that ?

I visited my village library, paid a fine for not returning a book for 1 year. Librarian is a great friend of mine, so I got the fine amount reduced to Rs.100. And yea, I bought 3 more books from Cochin last week.

I am fighting my “readers block” ( Thanks Nikhil for that term ). It is tough, real tough. I tried lot of things, and got a lot of suggestions.

I am going back to Malayalam books now, because that is where I started, and that is where I should start correcting my reading disorders. Reading Malayalam books may help me make reading much faster, hopefully …..

The Book that changed your Life…..

Is there a book that changed your life ?

I know that there are lot of people who got influenced by books like “The Alchemist” … But, more than just an influence, is there a book that changed the way you look at your life ?  Or may be an author whose books changed your life ?

If I ask this question myself, I do not have an answer. May be I am yet to read such a book…. will you be able to suggest some books like that … ?

This is NOT easy !!

No !! This is not easy !! Not Happening !!

Hmm … don’t get confused friends… I am talking about my reading habit, which I am trying to save. It’s not as easy as I expected. I will tell you why….

I started reading ” The God Of Small Things” on 09 July . Now, it’s 17th July. So, it has been more than one week since I started reading that 339 pages book. I am at 177th page now. 8th of 21 chapters of the book. 22 pages a day, average !!.

That is really bad. I have a book waiting with 589 pages next to me. I need to read more books. I need to read more fast. I need to READ !!

What is happening with me ?  It’s simple. I will tell you how I am reading this book  …… Gmail > Book > Orkut > Book > Google Reader > Blog Comment > Book > Chat > Book > Dinner > Book ….

I know I am not going to finish it very soon if I am doing like this !! But, I am not going to give up this time. I will still read, and try to read more each day. ( Sounds easy but you know how tough it is .. right ? )

I will update you all  when I finish … reading it  … and one more thing .. I remember Poonam asking me about the next book … It is .. “ The Last Temptation of Christ “ by Nikos Kazantzakis,

What is the best time to read ?

I have lot of questions since I am trying to save my reading habit. What is the best time to read, is just one of them.

I am here to steal your reading techniques !!. Well, I will share it with others and it won’t be your own secrets anymore, so careful !!

1 What is the best time to read ?
2 How do you find more time to read ? ( or where and when do you read … )
3 Is there any particular spot, where you go to read ?  ( your bed room, terrace .. garden ? )
4 How many pages do you read, a day ?
5 Do you make note down things while reading ?
6 Do you buy books or get them from the Library ?
7 Do you read English books more, or your books in mother tongue
8 Which book is your all time favorite

Hmmm I think I have more questions, but later ….  if you have some tips to share, some strange habits ( ? ) or .. anything related to your reading habits…  share it !!