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Get Email Update When a Wave is Updated

Google Wave has a new feature called “Email Notification”. It’s pretty simple. When enabled, Google wave will send you an email whenever a wave is updated.

How to Enable

To enable, click on the the dropdown button on your inbox, select notifications. You will get options to set up notifications. You can select to receive updates “Immediately” “Hourly” or  “Daily”.

I do not see an option to enter a different email address than my gmail ID. May be this feature is yet to be implemented. Let me know if anyone else here that option !

Instead of adding email notification, you can add Wave Notifier extension if you are using Google Chrome. Here is How to.

Enjoy !

Two New Features on Google Wave : Read Only and Restore

Read-Only Participants, was a feature that all Google Wave users were asking for. Now, Google Wave team has added to this feature. They have also added a new featured which lets you restore your wave from the timeline.

Read-Only Participants

The creator of a wave can now change other participants on the wave between full access and read-only by clicking on their picture at the top of the wave panel, and selecting the access level in the drop-down.

These users will have only one option, to view the wave. They will not be able to edit, or add users to the wave. This helps you share the wave with others, retaining the control over the wave to yourself. The  best use of this feature will be in those public waves.

Restore from Playback

Restore WaveAnyone with full access to a wave can now restore that wave to any previous state visible in playback. Restoring does not delete anything from the playback history, but adds the restored state to the end of the history.

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Everyone !!

and here is year 2009 explained in a google wave !! Enjoy !

Use Google Wave Inside Thunderbird

Google Wave on Thunderbird

Google Wave on Thunderbird

Are you guys still using Google Wave ? Is the excitement about google wave dead already ?

I have seen similar questions on many blogs and websites recently. But this does not stop me from blogging about google wave .. and here is a new piece of information. Use Mozilla Thunderbird’s new tab feature to run google wave.

Thunderbird is a free email client ( like Outlook from Microsoft) from Mozilla, people behind Firefox browser.

Recently, they added a new  “Tab” feature to their popular email client, Thunderbird.  With the help of a small script, you can use Google wave inside Thunderbird, in a new tab, just like another inbox open, next to your regular email.  Here is how to set this up

Go to Tools menu, select Error Console, and enter this line (be sure to select all of it):

Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator).getMostRecentWindow(“mail:3pane”).document.getElementById(“tabmail”).openTab(“contentTab”, {contentPage: “”});

Hit the “Evaluate” button when you’re done, and you’ll see a new tab asking for your Wave login. Log in, click “Remember” to have Thunderbird remember your password

Try this and let  me know if you liked it !

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Google Wave Addon for Firefox

Wave Addon for Firefox

Wave Addon for Firefox

Hi people  ! I am back after a small break. I was away from blogging and social networking for a couple of weeks and have more than 1000 unread items in google reader. So, it will take some time for me to reach your blogs and read your latest posts.  Now, the real deal of the post.

Google Wave Notifier extension for firefox works like the gmail notifier plugin. Enter  your wave login details, and  you will be notified whenever there is a new Wave in your inbox.  Simple !

Known Issues:

“Cookies Blocked” issue: If third-party cookies are blocked for all sites, an exception will have to be added for

This is done by going to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Exceptions -> -> Allow.

This extension will work only with accounts, and not with sandbox accounts. It has been tested using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Ubuntu, and OS X.

The most interesting part about this plugin is that, support is given through a wave !!! So, here is someone who found another use for Google Wave.  Product Support, or say, Customer Service ?

Download the plugin from here

How To Uninstall An Extension or Plugin on Google Wave

Here is a quick “How To” on Uninstalling  extensions or plugins on Google wave, with Screenshots.

1. Click on “Settings” on the Navigation Panel. Or, you can type “with:settie” in the search bar.

Uninstall Wave Extensions

Uninstall Wave Extensions

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Webcam Video Chat and Much More on Google Wave with 6rounds

6rounds is a featured Google Wave Extension for Video Chat and Collaboration. It lets you chat with your friends using webcam, and do many other things together, real time.

With Google Wave + 6rounds, you can

  • Chat
  • View friends’ webcam
  • Play games together
  • Edit Documents together
  • Watch the same video together
  • Browse together
  • Browse Facebook together

What is Real-Time C0llaboration

All this happen, real-time. If you are unsure of what “real-time” collaboration is, let me explain that real quick.

A collaborative editor is a software application that allows several people to edit a computer file using different computers. There are two types of collaborative editors, real-time and non-real-time. Real-time collaborative editors allow users to edit the same file at the same time. ( wikipedia )

So, when you say watch one video, in real-time, you are watching the same video, on two different computers, two different locations. Suppose you pause the video on your computer, same will happen on your friend’s computer too. Your friend can see every mouse movement  every click you make.

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