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Is This Nexus Prime? A Full Size Picture

I got this from a comment in  Looks like what they are showing in the video there. This could be someone’s imagination +Photoshop. We have to wait till October 11 to know for sure. But this one looks like… Continue Reading →

Upgrading My LG Optimus One To Android 2.3 :-)

Android OS updates often reach users months after it’s release, thanks to customization by OEMs. Indian users usually get to wait even longer than usual.   I got Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for my LG Optimus one recently after  a long wait…. Continue Reading →

Inspired From A Google April Fool Joke, He Made ‘Gmail Motion’

We have heard stories of great minds getting inspired from strange things. But here is something Geeky. This April fool, gmail team came out with “Gmail Motion” which they said will manage email with gestures, I mean you stand in front… Continue Reading →

Google Talk Guru – A Bot That Answers Your Questions

Opening your web browser and googling for something may soon become out of fashion ? Here is the new trend, Google Talk Guru is an experimental project from Google Labs, which adds a contact to your Google Talk list ( or in… Continue Reading →

Android 2.3 Gingerbread For Your Laptop

I have written about installing Android on Laptops in the past. So for those Android on PC fans, here is Android 2.3 Gingerbread installations instructions for your Laptop. You’ll need a 64-bit build environment and the Java 1.6 to get… Continue Reading →

My First Android Phone

After writing a lot about Android and Android devices, I finally bought an Android phone. I was waiting for an affordable model here in India. Finally found my love in LG Optimus One. It came with Android 2.2 and I… Continue Reading →

A Demo Slam Video For All Indians

Remember me writing about Demoslam ? Here is another demo slam video for Indians Have fun !

How to Get The Demo Slam Background Image on Google.Com

DemoSlam.Com is an awesome website for Google product demos. Check it out if you haven’t yet. Here is one of the interesting videos from there. Liked it ? Would you like to have the same image as background for… Continue Reading →

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