Flipboard and Android were seen together first at the Galaxy S3 launch ceremony. The app was planning a debut on Android with S3 and later to be made available for all other Android devices.  But, an unofficial apk file has been leaked now.

You can now download the .apk file from the location shared here at XDA. Enjoy!

Flipboard on Galaxy Note

Flipboard is an app which I really really wanted on my Galaxy Note. I love Flipboard and I feel it will be a good combination with the huge screen of the Note.

I got what I wanted today.

I am going to try this out and if everything is smooth, I will probably remove Feedly apps for reading and have all in Flipboard.

Flipboard on Android

Flipboard on Android

Feedly is an app that transforms your Google Reader stream in to a magazine styled UI, giving you a pleasant reading experience. I use it every day on Chrome, but not always on my phone, it takes a while to get my content loaded there, not sure if it is because my connection is slow. But, if Flipboard does this job better, I will move in there!