Add more “Style” to Categories, Make your blog look better

Adding more styles to your wordpress theme, and why is that “style” highlighted ? Simple : because, this post is about making your blog look more stylish, by adding few more stylesheets ie, style sheets for categories.

I was reading this post from about a brilliant plugin : Category Style Sheets. by Benedict  Eastaugh.  It is a simple but awesome plugin that allows you to add style sheets for each category of your blog. That means, you can have different background colors, images, link colors etc for individual category archives, and each post in that category.

What I have done, ( So Far )

I have created two style sheets for two of my categories. WordPress & Blogging. I have changed background colors for category archive pages, and individual pots in these two categories. Now, go to any blog post in that category and you will see the plugin in action. I have changed only the background color. Should I try more ? Do you have any suggestion ?

How To Do This

All you need to do is,

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Installing new themes using WordPress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 is is the next major release of wordpress. The new feature that I am looking forward to, and playing around with now is the new way of installing and upgrading themes.

Please note that wordpress 2.8 is in the development stage and these features may or may not change when it’s released.

With wordpress 2.8, installing a new wordpress theme, and upgrading it, ( when the author updates the theme), is easy. It is done using the same method used for wordpress plugins. One condition : The theme should be hosted on the website, and for that, it should be GPL compatible.

Step 1. Browse and Find a Theme.

From “Appearance” tab, select ” Add New Themes” You will get a screen like this.

Installing Themes in WordPress 2.8

Step 2. Search

Search for your theme using keywords, or browse using tags. I searched for the theme “Hybrid”

Installing WordPress themes, 2.8

Step 3. Preview

Preview the theme that you selected. Click on the link “preview” and you will get a preview generated from page.

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Why I don’t like clicking the “Previous Entries” link on your blog.

Few days back, I reached Chirag’s blog looking for one of his old blog posts. I wanted to add a link to that from my new post. But, his blog had no search box, and categories widget was missing from the sidebar. I had to click “Previous Entries” link a few times, and browse through all those pages to reach the article that I was looking for.

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What ? A new theme ?

Yes ! that’s right .. this is a new Child theme built using the Hybrid Theme Framework. Oh, Child theme ? If you do not know what it is, read this post from Ian. But wait, who designed this theme, hmmm  blame this guy.

Now, if you have read that post from Ian, you will understand how easy it is, to build a powerful theme using the Child theme technique. So, the guy who built this theme did nothing but few css tweaks. The guy who did all the hard work is Justin. Say thanks and congrats to him.

Still, if you want to use this theme, just subscribe to this blog, and the theme will be available for download very soon. Do you like this theme.. ? Do you have any suggestion ?

Welcome to

I have been using Google Chrome for a while … and I have written a few blog posts about it … the simplicity and the speed attracted me and I am a big fan of Google Chrome now ..  when I started thinking about a new blog where I can try a bit of problogging, I found that Google Chrome will be a good starting point …. and finally I registered

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Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel Launched

SEO ? I am a still newbie there … and I am too lazy to learn it … but when its a bunch of videos about it, its not going to be boring .. right ?  Okay, if you think similar way, you can try this out, Google has launched Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel.

Google Webmaster Central is the service offered by Google for those who own a website or  blog for them to manage their google presence well. There are a few tools that will help you to make your site index better on google. You can add sitemaps, set crawling rates, see your stats, and most searched keywords etc. There is a lot happening in the Webmasters community around this service… now, here is the intro video of this new Youtube channel.

Now, I am expecting a question : can I add my blog to webmaster tools ? Yes, you can .. need help ? let me know .. I will tell you how to add your blog, and then add sitemap too !! drop me comments if you need help ..

Question : Are you happy with blog ?

Its been a while since I used for blogging ..   I got so used to self hosted wordpress blogs, that I  think less about bogs  these days ( hence blog less about them )  .. and I even stopped visiting …  ( just .. I still read your hosted blogs … don’t worry !! )

somehow reached today and spent some time there …. and there, I have a question  for my friends using blogs … is doing a good job with features that they offer, and they are adding new features every now and then. But, do you miss something ? Do you need something more from them ? …. like … more freedom about looks of your blog … more plugins … etc ? Comments please ……… :)

WordPress TV !

Hi everyone … wordpress tv is here … watch the video intro, and visit the site here.

For those who love to watch videos than browsing through froums for help … or people like me who always look for wordpress related interviews, and talks :)