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Add more “Style” to Categories, Make your blog look better

Adding more styles to your wordpress theme, and why is that “style” highlighted ? Simple : because, this post is about making your blog look more stylish, by adding few more stylesheets ie, style sheets for categories. I was reading… Continue Reading →

Installing new themes using WordPress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 is is the next major release of wordpress. The new feature that I am looking forward to, and playing around with now is the new way of installing and upgrading themes. Please note that wordpress 2.8 is in… Continue Reading →

Why I don’t like clicking the “Previous Entries” link on your blog.

Few days back, I reached Chirag’s blog looking for one of his old blog posts. I wanted to add a link to that from my new post. But, his blog had no search box, and categories widget was missing from… Continue Reading →

What ? A new theme ?

Yes ! that’s right .. this is a new Child theme built using the Hybrid Theme Framework. Oh, Child theme ? If you do not know what it is, read this post from Ian. But wait, who designed this theme,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to

I have been using Google Chrome for a while … and I have written a few blog posts about it … the simplicity and the speed attracted me and I am a big fan of Google Chrome now ..  when… Continue Reading →

Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel Launched

SEO ? I am a still newbie there … and I am too lazy to learn it … but when its a bunch of videos about it, its not going to be boring .. right ?  Okay, if you think… Continue Reading →

Question : Are you happy with blog ?

Its been a while since I used for blogging ..   I got so used to self hosted wordpress blogs, that I  think less about bogs  these days ( hence blog less about them )  .. and I… Continue Reading →

WordPress TV !

Hi everyone … wordpress tv is here … watch the video intro, and visit the site here. For those who love to watch videos than browsing through froums for help … or people like me who always look for wordpress… Continue Reading →

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