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Welcome to The Malayalam Blogging Guide at This guide has three parts.

1: How to read Malayalam Blogs.
2: How to write Malayalam Blogs.

  • 2a : Blogger ( From Google )
  • 2b : WordPress

3 The Malayalam Blogging Community.

First and second steps will give you technical abilities and the blogging platform ready. When you are at the third step, you should have a Computer which can read and write Malayalam and A sweet Malayalam Blog. Lets start with the first part.

How to Read Malayalam On your computer

Making your Computers Malayalam Literate is the first step towards Malayalam Blogging. Thanks to pR@tz , from “ A World of My Own” we have an excellent article on how to make your Computer read Malayalam. So, first, lets make your computers display Malayalam Correctly. Click here to read the entire article and be sure to comeback to this post, when you are done.

Ready ? Read Our Super Star Mammotty’s Blog in Malayalam here

How to Write Malayalam Blogs

Now, its time to start writing. Before we start, we need to choose a blogging platform. We will check out 2 most popular blogging platforms of the day. WordPress and Blogger from Google. Before  making your choice, you can checkout a few reviews and comparisons about these two blogging tools.

How to set up a Malayalam Blog using Blogger, or Blogspot. has a sexy feature which attracts most of Malayalam Bloggers. Its called Transliteration.  What Transliteration does is simple, you type in Manglish ( or Malayalam using English alphabets ) and Google will automatically display those words in Malayalam alphabets.

To start a Malayalam blog using blogger, go ahead and create an account at You can login using your gmail ID if you have one. If you need help, click here and you get a video on how to do it. After creating the blog, we will go ahead and enable Malayalam Transliteration on it.

Login to Blogger, and click on “Settings” next to the newly created blog’s name.|
On the “Basic” tab, scroll down and look for “Enable transliteration?”.
Here, select “Enable” from the drop down menu, and select ” Malayalam” on the next drop down.
Click on “Save Settings”

Now, go to the “Posting” menu. Let’s write your first blog post in Malayalam. When you type in Manglish, make sure that you get tranlisteration working there. For help with Blogger issues, Go Here

Creating A Malayalam Blog using WordPress.

It is easy to create a blog using WordPress. You can log on to and sign up in few steps. On a second thought, if you want to know more about WordPress, before signing up, you can check out their cool features. And if you need help, click here, for a video on how to create a blog.

One thing that you are going to miss here at, is the transliteration feature. You will need to look for some alternate options for writing Malayalam content.

Don’t worry, its easy. If you are too lazy to install something, write in Malayalam using Transliteration here, and simply paste the content to your WordPress post. Another option is to install a software on your computer, which will help you to write in Malayalam. ( Not just your blog, your Email, Documents and everything )

( ps: will edit this part and add how to install the software and where to download it, soon )

How to Make your WordPress Blog, a Malayali.

WordPress has a special page for Malayalam blogs. You can find many Malayalam Blogs there. Usually when you create a blog with, it will be linked to the main page, or the Englsih page. In order to make your WordPress Blog a Malayali, and bring it to the Malayalam page, you will need to do the follwing.

1 Login to
2 Click on Settings
3 Look for “Language”
4 Select “Malayalam”
5 Click on “Save Change”

Okay, we are done !!. Now you can post your first Malayalam Blog Entry !!

The Malayalam Blogging Community

(ps: Wait for rest of this article, here )

If you want to have your blog added to the search index on the top of this page, send me your blog’s link

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  1. What can i do if i want to type just a few lines in malayalam in an english post in wordpress?

    • depends on which method you are using … will tell you one shortcut… 😀 use a wordpad or notepad for the Engish part and paste it in the Malayalam content .. or if you want to change in between, you can use the drop down in transliteration panel … let me know the method you are using to post, and I will give you detailed instructions ..

      • I go to the wordpress panel and click add post. then i just paste what i had already typed in MS Word. Then i add the pictures if any.

        Is that what you asked? The funniest part is I somehow did it. but it appears in different ways in different computers. Yes, it is still malayalam…..but it seems different from computer to computer. How does that change dynamically and yet remain readable? Hope you understood my problem!!

  2. ok … try using google transliteration instead of MS Word. I think the font that you are using on Word is the reason .. coz, that font may not be available on most browsers.. hence it uses the font available, with slight variation.

    • Thanks for your suggestions.

      I would like to ask the same question. But I need tamil postings.

      When I type or copy from Google Transliteration it displays very clearly in my admin page before saving the post.

      But When I save the post all I get is ????????? ???????? ?????????

      I am not a techie so can you tell me why it is not displaying any languages other than English?

      By the way.. I am not on Mine is hosted on hosting server.


      • check if your database has UTF encoding. If you are using cPanel, click on MySQL, and then phpmyadmin, and find your database there, and then check it

        • Thank you…

          It seems like I have to edit the wp-config.php file and add 2 slashes like this

          I did and it is working fine…

          Thank you for your help.


  3. very usefull one!!

  4. Can anyone tell me , how I could write the description of my blog in malayalam???

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