I am searching for a good android malayalam font and yet to find something really useful. I do see that some developers are trying hard to get this done, but I am yet to see something fruitful as of now.

You need root access for the current settings to working on the phone, and that too, on very limited number of devices. I will update you all when more information is available.

Update – Feb 18 – 2012

Malayalam Font (UTF) Works on Galaxy Note

My wife gifted me an Galaxy Note last week. To my surprise, everything rendered perfectly when I opened up mathrubhumi.com , straight out of the box, without any tweaking or coding or installation …. I am not sure if this is part of the Android build I am using or the device.

Malayalam UTF font works fine on all websites including Facebook. It’s such a delight to see those shiny letters showing up on my mobile screen!!!!

Stay tuned for more.