Amazon customers bought more e-books than printed books for the first time on Christmas Day.

Kindle, is now the most popular gift in Amazon’s history.

Kindle is now available in India

Don’t you see scope for a blog post in these three lines ?  Yes, and if you read books, I mean, a lot of them, this is enough for more than a blog post for you.

Will I ever consider buying an e-book reader, and start replacing my printed books with e-books ?

Yes, E-books are more convenient, cheap, and eco-friendly (less printed books = less number of trees cut )   – of course after you pay a good amount initially, for the e-reader , but I will not get to smell my new book .. (I love that smell ! )  .. and many more little and beautiful things about printed books …

Can I share books with people ? I buy a book, finish reading, and then exchange it with a friend for another one … ( free ! )  – is this possible with an E-reader and E-books ?

I have always wondered if the reading experience will be the same. But these new stats from Amazon is giving me better feeling about ebooks. People do like E-Books and E-Book Readers .. especially Kindle.

But, I should admit, I love the idea of ebooks, and would love to have a Kindle for myself ! but things are not looking so pretty in India,

Kindle in India

Even though the advertised price is $279, it may come up to $ 405 in India  including shipment charges, and taxes.  Browsing the Amazon online catalog and purchasing the book also may be costlier in India.

Do you have good things or bad things to share about ebooks ? Will you buy one for yourself ?

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