Gmail Soap

Gmail will be the most used website, or webapp  and we always wait patiently wait for it to load, we understand the pain it takes to load all our emails chats and attachments right ?

You said Yes ?

Really ?

I thought so, gmail is loading slower these days with all the new features and extensions added to it and if you have offline gmail enabled, it will take much longer for gmail to load. Well, Google also knows this patience test that we go through every time we open gmail and they are working on a 1 second to inbox startup solution.

Google is planning to do this with the latest HTML5 technology which is gaining popularity these days. ( Apple, iPhone, Flash is evil – got the puzzle ? )

Thanks to HTML5, we will soon have advanced features on more webapps, and gmail will be on of the best platforms for HTML5 to show its strength.

Good move, Google !