The Beauty of the First Year Of …

Our Marriage ………….

It was a wonderful year with her, and this Valentines day seems to be the best occasion to write about it !  We recently completed the first year of our marriage, happily, together, and full of love !

Dear, Life is beautiful and exciting when you are with me. Lot of things changed in this one year. You were there with me, in the good and the bad.

You Make My Life Beautiful ! You Make My Life !!!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!

ps: That’s the Cake that We Bought for our Anniversary :)

Google Chrome Theme for Firefox

Google Chrome Theme for Firefox

So, here is how to make your firefox look like Google Chrome.ie, Google Chrome theme for firefox.

Google Chrome, was love at first sight. Many people fell in love with her, and wanted to make her their primary girl friend ( yea, with browsers, you can have primary , secondary and many more girl friends.. trust me !!  I have 4 or 5 lol ).

Then, what happened ? hmm the same old story … , the girl was just about the looks, I mean, the UI and the color ( no pun intented, sorry if you felt so  !! ). People started going back to their ex girl friend, yes, firefox.  Well, she was too sweet and accepted them, when they came back. Someone ended up using the Google Chrome theme for wordpress.

Now, the story is about to change … some make up for your beauty that is firefox, and make her look like Google Chrome, your dream girl. Click on the image, and then install this theme for firefox , all the best !!

iPhone, will you marry me ?

After falling in love with iPod shuffle, my new girl friend, I decided to ask iPhone, if she is ready to marry me.

Yes’ I know, that sounds weird. But, my parents told me that it is ok with them as long as the girl is from the Apple family. Actually they will be happy to have iPhone as her daughter in law, because apple has offered 8GB as dowry compared to 2GB from iPod shuffle.

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