I have no idea why I am spending this much time on twitter. When I have nothing else to do, I keep reloading my twitter page for new tweets ( I haven’t installed any twitter tool yet ..  may be I will, soon .. ). And even when I have something important to do, I keep coming back to twitter, for another reload.

I created twitter account a few months back and left it there and Twitter was not popular like this.  Even when I saw twitter’s popularity growing, I didn’t feel like using it because I had nothing to do with twitter, or I have no idea what the use was, for me.

Initially, like many others I was also thinking this, why should I tell the world “What I am doing” using a website, and 140 characters ? Then twitter changed in to something more … Obama started twittering .. CNN , Facebook, Google … and then Google started worrying about twitter launching search and then ads … people started  dreaming about their tweets being published in newspapers like their blog entries do.

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