Learning Online Journalism

Yes, I am trying to learn online Journalism. I am looking for a few blogs for my feed reader. Do you have any suggestions ? Do you know any part time courses ?

As of now, I have added copyblogger.com and Online Journalism Blog to my feed reader. But I need a few more good blogs. If you know any good blog about online journalism, or bogs of Journalists, please drop me a comment.

Personal blogs of Journalists, will be a good set for reading right ? My blogging these days, is more about reading blogs. Even though I am not posting enough, I am reading a lot of blogs these days. Posting should eventually pick up.

Malayalam WordPress Themes

I am not a theme designer. So, when I say Malayalam WordPress Themes, its not a new design that I am creating. But, I am trying to modify WordPress themes to add little Malayalam to it . I am testing this on my dummy wordpress installation where I play with themes. I should install a blog just for Malayalam WordPress Blogging.

Malayalam blogging community seems to have Ignored WordPress almost completely.I should try to bring at least some of them to WordPress platform ( let them bring the rest right ? ).

The reason for Malayalam Bloggers being attracted to Blogger, is the “Transliteration” feature it has. I do not know how to enable this feature for WordPress. But, there should be some solution . I should find someone who is good with PHP who can make a plugin ( may be ? ) . Please leave a comment if you are someone, or if you know someone.

I need to make a “to do list” of things that I am going to do. Planning makes things easy right ? hmm well planning alone won’t make things easy. Don’t you think so ?

Best Of Your Blog 1 : Balu

Do you remember this post ? if not, read it first, and then, read on and Enjoy !! 1

Grand Theft Auto(rickshaw) from Balu’s Blog

I was in banglore for nearly 6 months and what I hate the most there, is the Auto drivers and the stuff they do. I have no words to explain how bad they behave and do business. However, Balu has a different and interesting way of explaining it.

Here is what I like the most about this post.

1> Don the autodriver
Me: Boss, Jayanagar jaoge?
Auto: Yes, 60
Me: Meter
Auto: 60
Me: Meter
Auto: (silence.. take a drag from his beedi.)
(For a second I thought I was in a Rajanikanth movie so I move off before he starts maroing dialogues)

Conclusions: Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai!

I am sure, you are going to enjoy reading more of it !!

PS: OMG !! this is called coincidence … I heard that punch line from Don ( my friend was playing it on his mobile ) right when I was copying this from Balu’s blog…. good start for this series….

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