It’s been a while since I wrote something here. I did blog a couple of entries last month, but nothing of real writing happened here for a quite long time. If I have to apologize to someone, it’s just me, because, I was hurting myself by not writing anything here.

Everything started from this blog ( even though it changed the domain name couple of times, and even the blog name ). I got the energy and the passion to do other blogs, like the one I am concentrating on now, from this very old personal blog of mine. Slowly, it lost the personal touch, and ended up being something, which I don’t have a name to call.

I don’t have a fix for it yet, I am not going to make any big promises to myself, or you. I am trying again, to give this blog a personal touch, and bring it back to life. I may not be able to write frequently, most of my posts may become nothing but ramblings, but still, its good to be here, in good company.

I’ve to thank “Wake Up Sid” here. I saw this movie 7th time today. I am not getting bored with this movie at all. For some reason, I am getting more and more attracted to it, and it always gives me a positive energy and inspiration to do something fresh and cool, this crude rambling being one of them !