The Word of 2009 – Unfriend

Here is facebook  or of  social networking sites’ in general,  contribution to English language. “Unfriend“.   “Unfriend” has been named the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary

Unfriend was defined as a verb that means to remove someone as a “friend” on a social networking site such as Facebook.

Some more interesting words

Here is a few more !

Hashtag = I bet you know this !

Intexticated = when people are distracted by texting while driving

Sexting = Sending of sexually explicit SMSes and pictures by cellphone.

and here is my favorite

Funemployed = People taking advantage of newly unemployed status to have fun or pursue other interests.

Cell Phone Contracts – Are they Good for Indian Customers ?

Everything is going well in the Indian cellphone market, minus the news about scams on spectrum allocation.  Overall, I am happy with how we use cellphones, again, minus the customer service that sucks most of the time.

But, is there room for improvement ?

Can we boost smartphone usage, using cell phone contracts, like in other markets around the Globe ? Now, don’t ask me what is the use of increasing smartphone usage. I have only one reason, a lot of Indians, like me wants to use smartphones but they are not affordable.

With contracts, the service providers will give you phone at a subsidized rate, if you sign a contract with them to use their network for say, next 12 months or so. Service providers will get their profit with the increased usage of data and by many other channels while you are using their service. Well, this may include some evil methods too, I am not sure.  That is why I asked, do you think it is good for Indian customers.  I dint mean to ask, is evil good for Indian customers though ;)

This is not just cellphones, netbooks with 3G simcard included, to stay connected 24/7 are going to be the next big thing, pretty soon, and then there are tablets like iPad coming in. All these things will be affordable if Indian service providers consider this option .. but as an Indian customer, are you ready for this game ?