Kevin Bacon, playing Lt. Col. Mike Strobl, touches a casket during the film "Taking Chance," I have no idea which category this movie belongs to. It’s based on a real life incident, and it’s about war, but you won’t see any fighting in it, it’s patriotism, but not the usual type you get to see in that category …. anyways, it was good to watch, and left me touched.

If you ever felt bored with the usual bollywood patriotism, with love and masala mix, this is will be a treat for you. Love watching war related movies, with loads of action and techno combat scenes ? Try to look beyond that, and try to know what happens beyond that.

But don’t watch the movie just because it’s different, but because it’s worth watching, and because films, are still a form of art, a way to express and share something with the society.

This movie is about a  US Marine officer who volunteers to escort remains of a fallen Marine. It’s not simple as it sounds, because there is an ocean of emotions out there. I don’t know if there is such an expression or idea, but I think  it something like a “collective emotion” where you feel emotionally bonded with the people around you, and you share one common emotion. The success of the movie is in expressing that collective emotion, and also making you also a part of it.

Okay, there is expression, emotions etc etc .. but a movie is not just that, there are technical aspects, the way director and his team uses the medium and much more. As far as the visual appeal goes, the movie reached only average, it could have been more intense, carrying the emotions around the movie. Otherwise, it gets a good rating, overall.

I don’t why directory decided to stick on to narrations by characters, instead of bringing a flashback and telling the story by showing what happened there … may be they were trying to make it as realistic as possible ? I won’t say it was bad, but it was different, and you will notice it at some point, because your brain’s movie database is expecting a flash back there since you are so used to it.

Rating : 8.5/10
Type:  Try Hard, not to Cry ….