Thanks for your feedback on my previous post, about backing up your wordpress blog. Most of them, were extra tips. Here they are….

1 Niyaz “The problem is that we cannot backup other files like images using this method.”

2 xylene was trying to remember something… “there was some site which will convert our blog into pdf. Any idea which one?”

( I think its this one )

3 Suda “Good for newbies, but I think when I read WP FAQ first, they ha warned us that its not the way to backup everything and it puts too much load on server if people start using it madly

Suda, and his tip : Backup your Blogroll.

I found a way to backup and import *blogroll* from one blog to another or just backup. May be you already know this.
go to where *yourblog* is your own blog URL.

For example in dinu’s case, his blogroll can be exported as OPML file using link

P.S> Dinu, if you think this is a useful tip and people are gonna miss this comment being on old post, you can add it in your TIPS as usual, all people eagerly read them :)

I am using HTTRACK Website Copier from ages and its really effective. I think I will write a post/tutorial for it soon. It won’t help in moving data to new site but its the best way we can backup a website i.e. downloading it as it is to local machine. :D

Also that PDF conversion site is superb, it converts page with all images included. Not the page as it looks though, it takes just content in PDF but its worth the trouble.

So, Thanks a lot guys.