Add more “Style” to Categories, Make your blog look better

Adding more styles to your wordpress theme, and why is that “style” highlighted ? Simple : because, this post is about making your blog look more stylish, by adding few more stylesheets ie, style sheets for categories.

I was reading this post from http://tarskitheme.com about a brilliant plugin : Category Style Sheets. by Benedict  Eastaugh.  It is a simple but awesome plugin that allows you to add style sheets for each category of your blog. That means, you can have different background colors, images, link colors etc for individual category archives, and each post in that category.

What I have done, ( So Far )

I have created two style sheets for two of my categories. WordPress & Blogging. I have changed background colors for category archive pages, and individual pots in these two categories. Now, go to any blog post in that category and you will see the plugin in action. I have changed only the background color. Should I try more ? Do you have any suggestion ?

How To Do This

All you need to do is,

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RSS Feed Reader Full of Unwanted Blog Posts ? Easy Solution: Subscribe to Categories !

Imagine, you found a nice blog with loads of posts about one of your favourite topics, wordpress. Naturally, you will subscribe to it’s RSS feed. Now, this blog is not just about wordpress. They also publish articles about Linux, Photoshop, and Mac .. which you are not interested in.

After few days or weeks, the blog starts filling your RSS feed reader with posts that you are not interested in and every time you look at the count of unread items on the reader, you feel bad ..

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Copyblogger theme again, customized.

So, here is another customization of copyblogger theme , but who did it ? hmmm well, I did it …. or, rather, it just happened when I was playing with css and colors. Just have a look and tell me if you liked it. ( Click on the image to zoom in !! )

copyblogger black

copyblogger black

If any of you guys wants to use it, let me know, I can send you the theme, eventhough it is not ready for a public release. So, if someone wants to use it, I can make few more changes needed, and then send the zip file.

CSS, You are Awesome !!

CSS : This word keeps coming back to me these days. Every time I open google.com, I type something related to css there, and browse through result pages. Call it “mad about css” or “in love with css” or “crazy about css”, I am thinking about it all the time … I am dreaming about it throughout the day.

CSS is awesome.

CSS is really great, and it is awesome. It can do many wonders on your web page. It can make your blog look good or bad, or beautiful or even sexy. There are n number of beautiful things that you can do with CSS. Last week I spent hours looking at CSS wonders that other people have created, and finally decided to learn CSS, Continue reading