Better Sidebar Widget Management with WordPress 2.8

Is the current wordpress dashboard design perfect ? Except the widget management page, it’s awesome, that’s what I think …do you agree with me ?

The problem with the current widget management page is this : Suppose your theme has two sidebars/widget areas, and you want to move your text widget from first to the second sidebar. You will remove it from the first sidebar, save changes, select second sidebar from the drop down menu, click “show”, then add the widget to the second sidebar … but wait, already spent a lot of time “clicking” and now, do you have the content of the text widget ? NO !! You should copy the content somewhere before you remove it from the first sidebar ….. you are lost ..

…. Not any more .. here is the new widgets panel, that’s going to be ready with WordPress 2.8, the next release. Have a look, and you will understand how it solves all these issues. For those who are curious if users will get this feature, the answer is a BIG YES ! You may get this even before self hosted wordpress blog users, just wait n watch!! ( Click on the image to enlarge. )

Wordpress 2.8 new widgets panel
Wordpress 2.8 new widgets panel

PS: Please note that this version of wordpress, 2.8 that is, under development, and there may be changes to this feature when it’s released.