What theme are you ?

You guys know that I am crazy about blog design and themes etc, but I am not a designer.

I realize, that blog designing is not just about colors and header images but lot of other things, including information architecture and user experience.

I do follow a lot of blogs by wordpress designers. I enjoy reading about their experiences and experiments ; I get to learn a bit about blog layouts, blog architecture and blog designing ( at least I know these terms.right? )

I get enough inspiration from them, especially when I read something like this.

“You might find this difficult to believe…
But 2 years ago I didn’t own my domain name, had never touched a piece of WordPress code and knew nothing about blog design. In other words, everything I’ve done with WordPress and blog design in the past year has been self taught, using trial and error.”

So, it’s possible to learn wordpress designing and coding if you want to. But I was too lazy to try it out myself. Still, after following their blogs for few months, and trying different themes almost on a daily basis, I have learned enough to judge a wordpress theme, even though I can not design a theme on my own.

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Another Theme change ?

Okay, I got new domain, installed blog and restored most of my old posts. I told her, ok I have done this far. The response was, ” Okay, good, but don’t keep changing your theme”

If you are not the first time here, I am sure you know how crazy I am about themes. Or crazy about changing themes ?. Current theme is something I loved at first sight. I need to give a link to the theme page. Why ? hmm what if I change this one too ? How will you understand which theme I am referring to ? So, here is the link

I love the current theme. But that doesn’t mean that I am completely satisfied with this theme. First let me tell you why I love this theme.

1 It’s easy to read : no strain to go through the blog post. So, it supports the content very well.
2 It looks fresh and Clean
3 It has a good color scheme
4 It’s not so common. You won’t easily get it.
5 It was designed by the theme author for this own website and that means its a special one
6 It was designed by my favorite Designer, Small Potato of Wpdesigner.com

So, what’s wrong with the theme ? Only one thing. I am not happy with the header alignment. Its not like normal headers ok, but still I feel there is something missing, on the header layout. I want the header image to be on the top of the blog title.

What now ? I am thinking about a theme change but luckily ( yes !!) I can’t find a theme that matches all my requirements.

Now, what you guys think about this theme ? Do I need to change it ? I know you are going to tell me to correct the header myself. I am too lazy … still I will not say ” No, I will not try” I will try. Hmm and yes, that’ll be great if I could get any help from you guys … any wordpress designers around ?

Your comments please !!