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RSS Feed Reader Full of Unwanted Blog Posts ? Easy Solution: Subscribe to Categories !

Imagine, you found a nice blog with loads of posts about one of your favourite topics, wordpress. Naturally, you will subscribe to it’s RSS feed. Now, this blog is not just about wordpress. They also publish articles about Linux, Photoshop, and Mac .. which you are not interested in.

After few days or weeks, the blog starts filling your RSS feed reader with posts that you are not interested in and every time you look at the count of unread items on the reader, you feel bad ..

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Read Malayalam on your computer

Malayalam computer

Malayalam Blogging

Welcome to the first guest post on this blog. This post was written by pR@tz , from “ A World of My Own” . He has a Malayalam blog too. pR@tz is a MS Scholar at IIT Madras. Welcome and thanks pR@tz !!


If you want to use Google Chrome to type in Malayalam, to any website, here is an easy solution. It helps you install a bookmarklet, and start typing in Malayalam

How to read Malayalam on your computer

The Malayalam computing gained popularity with the evolution of UNICODE. Swathanthra Malayalam Computing is one of the independent organizations, actively working for the development of softwares and fonts for Malayalam computing. Before the UNICODE, it was the ASCII fonts, which were used to display Malayalam characters and is still (unfortunately) used by websites like Malayala Manorama, Kerala Kaumudi, Deshabhimani, and puzha.com.

The disadvantages of ASCII font

(1) You need to install separate fonts for different sites.

(2) Its not PURE Malayalam font, but like putting Malayalam mask over Latin characters.

(3) Searching, indexing and other Malayalam computing options are not possible with ASCII fonts.

Try copy pasting Malayalam text from the above mentioned ASCII sites and try the same from Mathrubhumi site (which is using UNICODE ) and you will understand the difference. Also try Googling with the text you copied from Mathrubhumi.

Now, let see how to make your computer Malayalam-literate,

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