I have a question for you ….

Yes, I have a question for you, my friend and I need an answer since I could not find one myself. Who is the biggest terrorist of our times ? Those who come with guns and bombs or the economy and the market, which is falling down on you, crushing you and your life ?

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When it’s time to vote …

There is a hot debate going on, weather early elections are going to happen or not . Unless you are too young to vote, ( sorry small kids out there !!  ), it’s time to start thinking, whom to vote for.

It’s ok if you are yet to start thinking, because it’s a good time to start…     Why ?

This time, we should elect someone who can save our economy, who can make sure that we have enough food to eat, we have enough jobs and we are safe in every aspect.

We have a situation here. We are dealing with double digit inflation, high cost of living, less jobs and a lot more. We tend to concentrate on Why, or rather whom to blame and not How to bring things back to normal.

This election is different. We need someone different

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