“Google Me” is Google’s Own “Facebook” ?

google fight facebookRumor has it that Google is planning a Facebook like social media networking platform, named “Google Me”. This news comes after their failed experiment with  “buzz”  which was supposed to be a twitter competitor. So, its better not to have too much of expectations about this

The news came out through a tweet by Kevin Rose, found of digg.com, which according to him, was from a credible source. Well, let’s hope so !

Well, Google, one question though, do you remember Orkut.com ?

In another news, Facebook hired the Guy Who Built Google’s Chrome OS. And Facebook is going to open it’s first office in Asia – 500 member facility in Hyderabad. ( news not to fresh )

Are you excited about Google Me ? (  if there is going to be a Google Me, that is ! )

The Web 2.0 Customer Care Awesomeness – Thanks to Twitter

Customer Service is what I do for a living, and Web 2.0 is my passion. That should be the reason why the following Tweet caught my attention, and even made me write this blog post !

Twitter Customer Care by Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is the Vice Chairman and Manging Director of the Mahindra group, a leading business group here in India. He is an active twitter user and yea, I remember him asking one of the twitter founders if he can buy some stocks in the company :D   ( yea, on show organized by NDTV )

But Sir, I have seen many companies setting up twitter and facebook accounts, but saw only very few doing something in a way twitter users expect them too.

Good One Sir !

The Word of 2009 – Unfriend

Here is facebook  or of  social networking sites’ in general,  contribution to English language. “Unfriend“.   “Unfriend” has been named the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary

Unfriend was defined as a verb that means to remove someone as a “friend” on a social networking site such as Facebook.

Some more interesting words

Here is a few more !

Hashtag = I bet you know this !

Intexticated = when people are distracted by texting while driving

Sexting = Sending of sexually explicit SMSes and pictures by cellphone.

and here is my favorite

Funemployed = People taking advantage of newly unemployed status to have fun or pursue other interests.

Are you a farmer on facebook ?

farmville-game-facebookWe usually start our weekends at the Forum Mall, here in Bangalore. This weekend, while we were in the Mall, She said,

“let’s go to the apple store”.

I was surprised, because apple store is one of the two restricted areas for me inside The Forum;  reason ? : gadgets are dangerous for me. ( the other restricted place  is Landmark, coz, I am addicted to books too ).

I asked her “what for ?” and she said …. ” I want to check my facebook” … and I was ..

” WHAT ?”

This happened 10 minutes after we left our home , where we have broadband Internet, and  where we are supposed to be back again in another two hours of three. Why can’t she wait for few more hours before she can check facebook again ? The answer is, A facebook app, or a game called “Farm Ville”

I decided to see  what this is all about, and I have to admit, I got myself addicted to this game now. So, if you have a facebook account, and going to check this out, take this as a warning. You may get addicted.

This is a simple flash based game, that you can install as an app on your facebook account. You get a small area or, farm which you can develop with plants, trees, sheep and goats etc. Slowly, you develop your farm and earn points, add your friends as neighbors, etc etc ..  There is a stupid option where you can purchase points, ( yea, pay using your credit card .. no !! I am not kidding )  with which you can buy virtual trees and seeds … interesting uh ?

I usually ignore all app requests on facebook and I was ignoring this one also, so far. But, when I started using this, I found out that almost all of my friends are already in there, living in their virtual farm houses. With straberries, Apple trees, and orange trees.  I got a chat message from a friend asking me to send him an orange tree as a gift ( yes, you can send people trees and more as gifts ).

What makes it sooo addictive ? I don’t have an answer. But, there is something that you will notice. Each plant or tree gets ready for harvesting in certain amount of time. So, if you have a plant that you are supposed to harvest in 2 hours, you should login to facebook and connect to this app on that time, and if you are late, your fruit will be gone as in the real world. ( now you know why she wanted to go to apple store and login to facebook from there !! )  So you are connected to this app all the time, you check back at certain intervals to make sure that everything is fine ….

If you get started after reading this post .. let me know !!

Is Orkut trying to Imitate Twitter ?

Orkut has always been different. It was about friendship, not about link sharing or the typical social media networking.  Now orkut has announced a new feature that lets you promote your content. And yes, its called “Orkut Promote”

You can share links, photos and videos to your friends using this new feature. If your friends like it, they can “spread” it among their friends. Plus, you can track your promotions, how many people shared it with their friends, how many people clicked on your links etc. Simple ?

Is Orkut trying to Imitate twitter ?

If orkut has made it this simple, why should I confuse you explaining things in words ? Here is a video  ….

I think it’s really cool ! and I am going to use this to promote my blog on Orkut. I know you guys are also going to do the same :D . And yes … not just my blog ok ? I will share your blogs too, whenever I find something interesting from you people !!

Are you still active on Orkut ?

Yes. I am still active on orkut. It is ( still ) a good way to stay connected with old school and college friends. However, when you compare it with other social networking sites like friendfeed or twitter, this is not really about sharing links and content online. This is little different, and I like it.

Is Orkut as good as friendfeed or facebook ?  I don’t know the answer for that question ( do you ? ) .. but I know that orkut is really simple, and that’s why it is still my favorite.  Here is a new feature that helps you promote your content on orkut.  Well, this is simple too.

source : Orkut Blog

Reading Books, Staying Online, and it Works !!

Staying online and reading books, that’s the new technique that I am testing.Why ?

I tried several times to stay offline  to read more books. But,  twitter, blogs, google reader, comments, chats, orkut, facebook, oh no !! I leave the book there and come back, every time. Do you think I am addicted to blogging or internet in general ? well, I think so ..  and I have started missing books.

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Are you addicted to twitter ?

I have no idea why I am spending this much time on twitter. When I have nothing else to do, I keep reloading my twitter page for new tweets ( I haven’t installed any twitter tool yet ..  may be I will, soon .. ). And even when I have something important to do, I keep coming back to twitter, for another reload.

I created twitter account a few months back and left it there and Twitter was not popular like this.  Even when I saw twitter’s popularity growing, I didn’t feel like using it because I had nothing to do with twitter, or I have no idea what the use was, for me.

Initially, like many others I was also thinking this, why should I tell the world “What I am doing” using a website, and 140 characters ? Then twitter changed in to something more … Obama started twittering .. CNN , Facebook, Google … and then Google started worrying about twitter launching search and then ads … people started  dreaming about their tweets being published in newspapers like their blog entries do.

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