Yahooo! + Microsoft and Google on the other side !! well, that’s going to be an interesting equation then, if Microsoft wins the Yahoo! deal.

If the deal works out, do you think its going to give a tough competition for Google ?
Do you think Microsft will acquire Yahoo! soon ?

I don’t think its going to give tough competition for Google. Why ? Yahoo! was always behind Google on this online search engine market and other goodies… Microsoft has less experience in this field, and MSN, is kind of failure too. So, bringing them together, is not going to affect Google much.Yahoo!

Now, the question is, will Yahoo! accept this offer ? Do you think so ? personally, I would say “Yes”. Yahoo! really want to do something to put themselves back on track. They need more confidence, money, power.. which Microsoft can provide them. So, whats Yahoo!’s response so far ?

“From the Yahoo! Yodel Corporate Blog:

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Microsoft made an unsolicited proposal to acquire Yahoo! yesterday evening. Since then, we’ve gotten quite a number of questions about what this means for Yahoo!. Read more →