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Having Fun with Windows 7

Finally, I downloaded a copy of windows 7 release candidate, and I am using it right now. Not on my laptop. My laptop is messed up right now, it won’t install any OS at all ( don’t have an windows… Continue Reading →

How to Make Linux for Popular : The next step.

I am  only  a Linux user, not an expert. I feel good to tell you that I am linux user. Because, when I look around, I see only linux geeks, or linux experts and very very less linux users. Understanding… Continue Reading →

This is Linux Dude !!

Fedora 10, with KDE 4, and see what it looks like …..  I don’t have words …to explain , but wait, I have a video ! Do you think Linux is ready ?

Hi, Ubuntu !!!

Hi Ubuntu, this is my first blog post with you. You look so cute !! (  but, I know I can not judge your personality from the way you look like, I need to know you  more, before I can… Continue Reading →

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