Having Fun with Windows 7

windows 7 chrome

windows 7 chrome

Finally, I downloaded a copy of windows 7 release candidate, and I am using it right now. Not on my laptop. My laptop is messed up right now, it won’t install any OS at all ( don’t have an windows XP disc with me, but tried fedora, ubuntu and windows 7, all errors … and I am screwed .. time to call acer support guys ..  ). So I had to install windows 7 on another laptop.

It was real tough downloading a 2GB file ( 64 bit version is 3GB btw ) but airtel’s Speed on Demand helped me out there. So yea, if you ever need help in downloading big files, faster than your normal connection speed, airtel speed on demand is a real good and easy to use service, try it out … and yea, you must pay for this extra speed though.

Windows 7 looks almost like vista, but the start up and the overall design looks good. Try searching google images, for some screenshots. Will be fun, I promise.  And yea it has vista only in its looks, this thing works way better than vista. I was up and running in less than an hour, and things worked pretty much out of the box, on acer laptop with 2gb ram and intel processor and card.

The good thing is I can use this evaluation copy till may 2010, and after that I will get pop ups asking me to upgrade, and I think this will start shutting down itself every two hours, if I continue to use without upgrading, but till then, I am good.

I installed google chrome, firefox, google talk, and filezilla ( for ftp uploads and downloads ) without any errors. I have a small red icon on my task bar, something called the “action center” asking me to find an anti-virus software online. So, I should look at some anti virus options also. What would you suggest ?

I will post more on my windows 7 experience soon, stay tuned ! and yea, one thing is sure, MS is back on track with this Windows  7 … hope geek gods forgive them for their Vista crimes …

How to Make Linux for Popular : The next step.

I am  only  a Linux user, not an expert. I feel good to tell you that I am linux user. Because, when I look around, I see only linux geeks, or linux experts and very very less linux users.

Understanding Linux as a user

The open source theory is not my attraction. I use Linux because it is a good operating system and that’s the only reason.When I write about Linux, I am not  preaching freedom and open source or any of those theories…  but I am trying to tell you about a good operating system that I use.

My job introduced Linux to me as an operating system  that does almost everything that windows can do, and lot of things that Windows can not do. I used linux because I had to, and I did not leave Linux because I started loving it.

This will not happen very often. We do not have platforms where general public get introduced to Linux. Linux and most of the things related to it are shared within the Geek Communities around the Internet.

The next step, reach the common man

What Linux should do now, as early as possible, is to introduce Linux to the common man. This should happen online and offline. There is a great community of Linux users. They can easily do this, using their online and offline contacts.

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This is Linux Dude !!

Fedora 10, with KDE 4, and see what it looks like …..  I don’t have words …to explain , but wait, I have a video !

Do you think Linux is ready ?

Hi, Ubuntu !!!

Hi Ubuntu, this is my first blog post with you. You look so cute !! (  but, I know I can not judge your personality from the way you look like, I need to know you  more, before I can decide if you qualify as my best friend. But let me tell you, first impression was very good. )

One of my friends, Binny V A helped me to get you installed on my laptop. You were  friendly and helpful from the first step the very last one.

I am not really new to Linux and open source, I know your brother Fedora for  3 years and we  are still good friends ( we meet every day at office ).

Yes, installation was easy, but I had to spend hours to correct the screen resolution issue. Finally, got it fixed, ( by 3 in the morning btw ) and now, you look really beautiful.

I hope you enjoy my blog and laptop !!