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“Google Me” is Google’s Own “Facebook” ?

google fight facebookRumor has it that Google is planning a Facebook like social media networking platform, named “Google Me”. This news comes after their failed experiment with  “buzz”  which was supposed to be a twitter competitor. So, its better not to have too much of expectations about this

The news came out through a tweet by Kevin Rose, found of digg.com, which according to him, was from a credible source. Well, let’s hope so !

Well, Google, one question though, do you remember Orkut.com ?

In another news, Facebook hired the Guy Who Built Google’s Chrome OS. And Facebook is going to open it’s first office in Asia – 500 member facility in Hyderabad. ( news not to fresh )

Are you excited about Google Me ? (  if there is going to be a Google Me, that is ! )

Forget “Street View”, Here is “Google Store View”

Yes, forget Google Street View for now.   Rumor has it, that they are working on “Google Store View”.  Google, Are you planning for “Google Home View” as well ?

News goes like this. Search Engine Land was told by NYC store Oh Nuts that it was visited by a Google rep who took picture inside every six feet in all directions. Products also were snapped.

Sounds interesting  .. isn’t it ? Soon we will be able to browse the grocery store in the next corner, sitting at home !  ( lol .. really ? ). Jokes apart, there will be many stores who would love to have their products featured in Google Store View project, thus adding another level of attracting customers …. we should wait and see if Google is planning to integrate any of their other services, like Google Checkout.

Google, Are you planning “Google Home View” ?

Well, if google answers positive .. would you let them take picture of your house … and put it on the internet ? Come on, tell me !

Source: androidcentral.com