India’s $35 Tablet Runs on Google’s Android OS ?

I am sure you guys have already noticed the Indian government’s plan to launch a $35 tablet PC for students. They are planning to bring it down to $10 in near future. Many of the big gadget websites have covered it.

Is this tablet running on Android Operating system by Google ? Or a modified version of it ? Okay, lets check out two screenshots.

First Screenshot is from a random Android phone. Search android UI in Google and you will find many of them.

android indian tablet

Now, let us see how a screen capture from a video report on a National channel about our Indian tablet, ( wish it had a name !! ).

Indian goverment android tablet $35 dollors

Click on the image above, to view full size. I’ve added the original video also, in case you don’t believe this ;) .. So now you tell me, Is Indian government’s new Tablet PC running Android ? Did they announce on the press meet ?

Why Android, and Not Google Chrome OS ?

Two Google Wave Plugins for WordPress

Google Wave Plugin WordPress

Google Wave Plugin WordPress

I don’t mind being over excited about Google wave, because I saw the google wave preview video. It’s worth being little over excited about.

Being over excited includes trying to know how it will be useful for me, and my friends, so, for those who love google wave and wordpress, let me introduce you to two wave plugins for WordPress.

update : Wanna try 8 more useful Google Wave Plugins ?

1. wp-wave-shortcodes

The first Google wave plugin for WordPress that I noticed is WordPress Wave ShortCodes.  As far as I could see, it was the only plugin that has active development going  on.

What it Does

Adds a shortcode to WordPress that makes it easy to embed Wave(s) in a post or page. It also adds a media button so one is not required to remember how a shortcode is structured.

That was from the plugin’s page on Google Code. So, it will help you add waves to your wordpress posts, with the use of short codes. To make it more simple, there will be a media button for this.

How to use

You will have a media button just like you have one for adding image or video, on the wordpress dashboard, where you write new posts and pages. When you click on that, you will get a menu where you can enter wave ID for your wave that you want to insert, and then specify font and background color etc.

  • id(Required)
  • width
  • height
  • bgcolor
  • color
  • font
  • fontsize

Is there a Demo ? Can I try it ?

Yes, and No. There is a demo available here. But, you need a Google Wave Sandbox account to access the demo. If you are planning to develop a wave plugin, you can request it here.  Others, wait until the end of this month, if you are lucky, you will get an account

Update : I found another one here

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Watching “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will be a cool idea ! Really !!

That’s correct. Watching the movie, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is a cool idea if you got a couple of hours free time. That’s the review in a sentence.

It’s different from normal action movies, ( not “so very unique” though ). It has a “stable” story line along between those action sequences.   It’s a different way of looking at alien life; slightly different from what we are used to.

The bad : with all  movies, you get to keep an image of the character in your mind. It is imprinted as deeply as you love the character. But in this one, there was nothing that I could take with me, they were not so clear, you understand what I mean ? Not that picture was not clear, but they couldn’t leave their marks on my memory that easily, as “wall E “or some other animated character could (oh well, forgot to tell you, I am talking about those robots of the movie here )

PS: there could be a second part or more for this movie.  I see signs ! :D

Kal Kissne Dekha ! Ha Ha Ha !! is that a movie dude ??

Will you call a video portfolio of an “actor wanna be” a movie ? the answer is a BIG NO. So, Kal Kissne Dekha is not a movie at all. Then what is it all about ?

It’s a video resume of  Jackky Bhagnani that all producers and directors of bollywood ( and Hollywood, if you please sir ) must watch, and consider for upcoming projects.

He Looks good ( his face reminds me of Uday Chopra )
He can Dance quite well
Does action scenes well
Does fight scenes well

Okay, that’ll be a long list, lets just say that he is capable of doing anything that a bollywood movie would ever want from a hero. He is a complete package, the “ready to cook” type. Now, will you please consider casting him for your next movie ?

That’s all  people. This is not made for us, but for producers and directors like a product demo, you know …

It’s recession time dude, good luck anyway, hope someone comes to you with a good script … As an actor, you are ok, but this movie spoiled that too !!

Speed up !!

Speed up !! What’s that ?

Well, I asked the same question when I saw this “speed up” on the top right hand side of my admin page for WordPress 2.6 Beta 1.

Without knowing what it is, I clicked on the link and I got a pop up window

WordPress 2.6 and Google Gears helps speed things up while blogging

Okay, I see Google Gears. That gives some clue about this “speed up”. If you do not know what Google Gears is,

Google Gears is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline. Gears provides three key features: Read more here

Luckily, I had Google Gears enabled on my Laptop, so the process was easy. I clicked and  enabled Google Gears for WordPress. What will happen to WordPress If I enable it ? Need to check that out !!. Stay tuned for that information.

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Webcam on Google Talk ? Now We have Webcam on Gmail and Orkut

Today, ( 21st of August, 2009, ) I am updating this post, splitting this in to old post and new post, updating tips and more information about video chat. And, do you know that Orkut now has Webcam Video Chat ? . If you have Google Wave Account, there is a Plugin for webcam chat on Google Wave.

How to Make Phone Calls from Your Gmail Inbox

Using Google Chrome ?     Discover Excellent  Tips and Tricks from Chromestory.com !!

Update: Gmail and Orkut Adds File Transfer Feature

When you have a chat window open on gmail or orkut, click on “Actions” and “Send File” and you can send a file to your friend you are talking to.

Picture of File Transfer in Gmail and Orkut

Picture of File Transfer in Gmail and Orkut

New Post:  Gmail now has Webcam and Voice Chat

Web cam on Gmail Google Talk
Web cam on Gmail Google Talk

How to Enable : All you have to do is download and install the voice and video plugin and you will have your gmail webcam and voice chat ready !!

Once you install the plugin, to start a video chat, just click on the “Video & more” menu at the bottom of your Gmail chat window, and choose “Start video chat.” You’ll have a few seconds to make sure you look presentable while it’s ringing, and then you’ll see and hear your friend live, right from within Gmail

Read more here

Tips n Ticks for Gmail Webcam Chat

How to Popuout video : When you are on  a chat, you know how you make it a separate window, and continue to chat , this is possible with video chat also. The follow image shows where you should click to pop the window out from your gmail inbox.

gmail video chat
gmail video chat

gmail webcamHow to watch in full screen : When you are watching someone on the video, and wants to make it full screen, you will see an icon similar to youtube.com’s “full screen” button. Click on that, and you will go fullscreen. See this image here if you can’t identify the button.

gtalkvideoAnother Update for you : Video Chat from iGoogle

You can now use Video chat from iGoogle ie, your customized google home page. The first time you use video chat in iGoogle, you’ll need to download a small plugin. It’s free and installs in seconds. To video chat with a friend, click on the “Start video chat” link in the “Actions” menu at the bottom of a chat window ( source )

Old Post : Using Your Webcam to take picture for profile photo

gmail webcamEven when we use gmail and gtalk for most of our chat and email, we often go back to Yahoo, for video and Webcam. What if you have webcam also, on your gtalk or gmail ? Well, don’t get excited, the feature is yet to be announced. But, I think, its on its way. Reason ? Google announced recently, that Google Talk gadget users will now be able to take a picture directly from the webcam to use as their profile picture gtalk.

” Currently, this feature only works in the Google Talk gadget, but will set your picture across the Google Talk network, including in Gmail.”

Yahoo never allowed us to use webcam from a linux machine, will google enable that feature ? Thats my concern now.

How To

From the Google Talk gadget, click on your Google Talk picture, and select the “Take Photo” option. You’ll see the image from your webcam appear, and you’ll be able to take and retake pix to your heart’s content. When you get that perfect shot, just click “Save” to set it as your picture.

Currently, this feature only works in the Google Talk gadget, but will set your picture across the Google Talk network, including in Gmail.

ps: images and info from here