I am sure you guys have already noticed the Indian government’s plan to launch a $35 tablet PC for students. They are planning to bring it down to $10 in near future. Many of the big gadget websites have covered it.

Is this tablet running on Android Operating system by Google ? Or a modified version of it ? Okay, lets check out two screenshots.

First Screenshot is from a random Android phone. Search android UI in Google and you will find many of them.

android indian tablet

Now, let us see how a screen capture from a video report on a National channel about our Indian tablet, ( wish it had a name !! ).

Indian goverment android tablet $35 dollors

Click on the image above, to view full size. I’ve added the original video also, in case you don’t believe this 😉 .. So now you tell me, Is Indian government’s new Tablet PC running Android ? Did they announce on the press meet ?

Why Android, and Not Google Chrome OS ?