Live Blogging With Google Wave, iDEA

Want to cover an event through Live Blogging  ? Google Wave is all you need for Live blogging using WordPress (or any other blogging or CMS platform like Drupal and Joomla ). Read on, to know how this can be done.

The Solution in Simple Words

Install a WordPress Plugin that embeds Google Wave in to your Blogpost, and then publish your wave on your blog, and you are ready for the show ! Now all you need to do is updating the wave, which will automatically update your blog post, real time.

Now, Those Simple Steps

Find the right Google Wave Plugin for you. If you are using WordPress, there are three plugins, wp-wave-shortcode, and wavepressthis. But the best wordpress plugin for Wave is, Wavr. It provides one click integration of Wave to WordPress.

If you are using Drupal on your website, “Drupal Waves” plugin will help you embed waves to your webpages. Find the details about Drupal wave and 7 more useful google wave plugins here. If you are using Joomla, you can download the Joomla Wave Plugin from here.

After the plugin is installed and activated, all you need to do is embed a wave in your blog post, and start updating the wave, which will be updated on the blog as well, real time. People can read things while you are typing those words, you can share images, videos, etc, by simply adding them to wave. Your blog post or webpage with the wave will work like a charm, providing live streaming of the session you are covering !!

What do you think ? :)

ps: photo by  Ben30

Love you, Flickr ….

I love Flickr

I started using internet only a few years back. My first internet experience was creating an email address on Yahoo! Mail. Those were the days before Gmail …. when Yahoo! used to be the star

… Now, things have changed and most of us use gmail and other google services … still ….  Flickr makes us stick to Yahoo!,  and we all love flickr.

I have started spending more time on flickr these days, with uploading, and editing pictures,  socializing, and making new friends etc …  and I started thinking if there was any other Yahoo! service that I still use … hmmm Yahoo Messenger at times, I guess .. other than that, Yahoo! is completely out of my online life.

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Is 3 better than 2 ?

Is 3 better than 2 ? hmm confused ? I am talking about wordpress themes. Is 3 column theme better than 2 column theme or the other way around ?

You know that I am playing with copyblogger theme these days …..  and I am asking myself, is 3 column or 2 column, the better layout ?

I don’t have an answer yet, but I know that I love 3 column layouts. ( I was looking for 3 column version of the copyblogger theme, and finally found it here )

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Backup Your Blogroll – It’s Easy !!

Thanks for your feedback on my previous post, about backing up your wordpress blog. Most of them, were extra tips. Here they are….

1 Niyaz “The problem is that we cannot backup other files like images using this method.”

2 xylene was trying to remember something… “there was some site which will convert our blog into pdf. Any idea which one?”

( I think its this one http://www.expresspdf.com/ConvertHtmlToPdf.aspx )

3 Suda “Good for newbies, but I think when I read WP FAQ first, they ha warned us that its not the way to backup everything and it puts too much load on server if people start using it madly

Suda, and his tip : Backup your Blogroll.

I found a way to backup and import *blogroll* from one blog to another or just backup. May be you already know this.
go to http://yourblog.wordpress.com/wp-links-opml.php where *yourblog* is your own blog URL.

For example in dinu’s case, his blogroll can be exported as OPML file using link http://www.offlineblog.net/wp-links-opml.php

P.S> Dinu, if you think this is a useful tip and people are gonna miss this comment being on old post, you can add it in your TIPS as usual, all people eagerly read them :)

I am using HTTRACK Website Copier from ages and its really effective. I think I will write a post/tutorial for it soon. It won’t help in moving data to new site but its the best way we can backup a website i.e. downloading it as it is to local machine. :D

Also that PDF conversion site is superb, it converts page with all images included. Not the page as it looks though, it takes just content in PDF but its worth the trouble.

So, Thanks a lot guys.

The Road Ahead

It was tough experience, when I lost my original domain. But, I am trying to bring everything back here. This is my first day with this all new blog, and first post. I have a lot to do, a lot to achieve.

Stay Tuned !!!

PS: You may see broken links,images missing etc here on this new domain since links are all pointing to my old domain. For links, replace the domain name with offlineblog.net and proceed and for images, it will take a lot of time for me to get them updated.

If you find any important link – image issues, please drop me a mail at hello@ this domain, and I will correct it.

Yahoo and WordPress ?

Yahoo! always had its own approach to web 2.0 ( thats what I felt hmm ). It always tried to build its own social networking, its own communities etc. This may not be 100% true, but, when comparing to all those happenings in the web 2.0 world, Yahoo! tried to be different, in its own way. Now, here is a news that made me start thinking the other way, or perhaps, Yahoo has started thinking the other way too !!

Yahoo ! announced? Yahoo Shortcuts, which will automatically detect keywords on your blogpost and suggest links, enhancing and enriching the content. In the beta release, its being offered as a wordpress plugin !! You can read more about this here and get a free T shirt, for installing the plugin on your blog, provided you are located in the USA

For those who Boycott Blogger, you must start loving Yahoo now,Iin the Yahoo Google Cold War,? if google has is “blogger”, Yahoo can think about a? deal with wordpress right ?, if that is the case, Yahoo is on the right track. To confirm this, we will wait for more stuff coming out from Yahoo+wordpress team. If yahoo find this shortcut plugin performing well, I think they will bring more stuff,I am pretty sure ( voww who are you ? eh ? ). I think Mat, and all the wordpress team also understand this very well, because they are promoting this plugin very well also, the position of the plugin manager right on top of your “create new post” page, also suggests the same. . If things go pretty well, you should see the plugin soon on blogs hosted on wordpress.com too.

I am giving this plugin a try, should go through old posts to test them. Do you want to read a review from me ? Did you find this plugin useful ? drop your comments here !

Update : I am loving this flickr photo and yahoo finance badge.. I dont have to search for images, download them, or link them … I still need to find more stuff !! what you think ? Isn’t it making the posts enriched ?