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Live Blogging With Google Wave, iDEA

Want to cover an event through Live Blogging  ? Google Wave is all you need for Live blogging using WordPress (or any other blogging or CMS platform like Drupal and Joomla ). Read on, to know how this can be… Continue Reading →

Love you, Flickr ….

I started using internet only a few years back. My first internet experience was creating an email address on Yahoo! Mail. Those were the days before Gmail …. when Yahoo! used to be the star … Now, things have changed and… Continue Reading →

Is 3 better than 2 ?

Is 3 better than 2 ? hmm confused ? I am talking about wordpress themes. Is 3 column theme better than 2 column theme or the other way around ? You know that I am playing with copyblogger theme these… Continue Reading →

Backup Your Blogroll – It’s Easy !!

Thanks for your feedback on my previous post, about backing up your wordpress blog. Most of them, were extra tips. Here they are…. 1 Niyaz “The problem is that we cannot backup other files like images using this method.” 2… Continue Reading →

The Road Ahead

It was tough experience, when I lost my original domain. But, I am trying to bring everything back here. This is my first day with this all new blog, and first post. I have a lot to do, a lot… Continue Reading →

Yahoo and WordPress ?

Yahoo! always had its own approach to web 2.0 ( thats what I felt hmm ). It always tried to build its own social networking, its own communities etc. This may not be 100% true, but, when comparing to all… Continue Reading →

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