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‘Emoticony’ A Google Wave Plugin for adding Smielys and Emoticons

Can you imagine emails and chat messages without emitocons or smileys ? I can’t ..  I even use them while chatting with customers and clients. When Google wave is released, we will start searching for cool smiles and emoticons for… Continue Reading →

RSS Feed Reader Full of Unwanted Blog Posts ? Easy Solution: Subscribe to Categories !

Imagine, you found a nice blog with loads of posts about one of your favourite topics, wordpress. Naturally, you will subscribe to it’s RSS feed. Now, this blog is not just about wordpress. They also publish articles about Linux, Photoshop,… Continue Reading →

Freedom Toaster, the software vending machine

Imagine a vending machine, that gives you all types of free software and operating systems, straight on to a DVD !! The software vending machine ? Yes, a software vending machine, you heard it right. I got to watch this… Continue Reading →

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