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Do you Use Photoshop ? You will love the “Content Aware Fill”

Do you use photoshop to edit photos, say, some touchup work after you click them ? There is a really huge thing getting ready, for the next release of photoshop. Here is a video on how it works. Its called… Continue Reading →

Tweetbacks : Steal your comments from Twitter !

Ready for some action ? Okay, we are going to steal some comments for your blog posts from twitter. Don’t worry, they took our comments first, now we are stealing them back, so you will not be punished ( if… Continue Reading →

Two Google Wave Plugins for WordPress

I don’t mind being over excited about Google wave, because I saw the google wave preview video. It’s worth being little over excited about. Being over excited includes trying to know how it will be useful for me, and my… Continue Reading →

Watching “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will be a cool idea ! Really !!

That’s correct. Watching the movie, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is a cool idea if you got a couple of hours free time. That’s the review in a sentence. It’s different from normal action movies, ( not “so very unique”… Continue Reading →

“Taking Chance” a Movie and beyond

I have no idea which category this movie belongs to. It’s based on a real life incident, and it’s about war, but you won’t see any fighting in it, it’s patriotism, but not the usual type you get to see… Continue Reading →

Love you, Flickr ….

I started using internet only a few years back. My first internet experience was creating an email address on Yahoo! Mail. Those were the days before Gmail …. when Yahoo! used to be the star … Now, things have changed and… Continue Reading →

The White Tiger

The White Tiger speaks about India, in a way no one else will. I said no one else will and not no one else can’t. I will tell you why. It’s because most of us can describe India as White… Continue Reading →

Two Years together, in love

Bangalore, a rainy day of October, 2006: Two friends walked in to a bus stop near Madiwala. They walked in as “friends”. But with the rain came love, which filled their heart and changed them in to two lovers, as… Continue Reading →

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