Do you Use Photoshop ? You will love the “Content Aware Fill”

Do you use photoshop to edit photos, say, some touchup work after you click them ? There is a really huge thing getting ready, for the next release of photoshop. Here is a video on how it works. Its called Content Aware Fill.

Now see a funny take on this feature

Tweetbacks : Steal your comments from Twitter !



Ready for some action ? Okay, we are going to steal some comments for your blog posts from twitter. Don’t worry, they took our comments first, now we are stealing them back, so you will not be punished ( if you get caught, I don’t know you, ok ? )

Check out some blogs, with loads of twitter love. They get hundreds of RTs about theirs posts, and we envy their Tweetme counts. But most of these blog posts with 100+ tweets about them, do not get many comments. People tweet about them but ignore the comment form. But, they still love your those blog posts.

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Two Google Wave Plugins for WordPress

Google Wave Plugin WordPress

Google Wave Plugin WordPress

I don’t mind being over excited about Google wave, because I saw the google wave preview video. It’s worth being little over excited about.

Being over excited includes trying to know how it will be useful for me, and my friends, so, for those who love google wave and wordpress, let me introduce you to two wave plugins for WordPress.

update : Wanna try 8 more useful Google Wave Plugins ?

1. wp-wave-shortcodes

The first Google wave plugin for WordPress that I noticed is WordPress Wave ShortCodes.  As far as I could see, it was the only plugin that has active development going  on.

What it Does

Adds a shortcode to WordPress that makes it easy to embed Wave(s) in a post or page. It also adds a media button so one is not required to remember how a shortcode is structured.

That was from the plugin’s page on Google Code. So, it will help you add waves to your wordpress posts, with the use of short codes. To make it more simple, there will be a media button for this.

How to use

You will have a media button just like you have one for adding image or video, on the wordpress dashboard, where you write new posts and pages. When you click on that, you will get a menu where you can enter wave ID for your wave that you want to insert, and then specify font and background color etc.

  • id(Required)
  • width
  • height
  • bgcolor
  • color
  • font
  • fontsize

Is there a Demo ? Can I try it ?

Yes, and No. There is a demo available here. But, you need a Google Wave Sandbox account to access the demo. If you are planning to develop a wave plugin, you can request it here.  Others, wait until the end of this month, if you are lucky, you will get an account

Update : I found another one here

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Watching “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will be a cool idea ! Really !!

That’s correct. Watching the movie, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is a cool idea if you got a couple of hours free time. That’s the review in a sentence.

It’s different from normal action movies, ( not “so very unique” though ). It has a “stable” story line along between those action sequences.   It’s a different way of looking at alien life; slightly different from what we are used to.

The bad : with all  movies, you get to keep an image of the character in your mind. It is imprinted as deeply as you love the character. But in this one, there was nothing that I could take with me, they were not so clear, you understand what I mean ? Not that picture was not clear, but they couldn’t leave their marks on my memory that easily, as “wall E “or some other animated character could (oh well, forgot to tell you, I am talking about those robots of the movie here )

PS: there could be a second part or more for this movie.  I see signs ! :D

“Taking Chance” a Movie and beyond

Kevin Bacon, playing Lt. Col. Mike Strobl, touches a casket during the film "Taking Chance," I have no idea which category this movie belongs to. It’s based on a real life incident, and it’s about war, but you won’t see any fighting in it, it’s patriotism, but not the usual type you get to see in that category …. anyways, it was good to watch, and left me touched.

If you ever felt bored with the usual bollywood patriotism, with love and masala mix, this is will be a treat for you. Love watching war related movies, with loads of action and techno combat scenes ? Try to look beyond that, and try to know what happens beyond that.

But don’t watch the movie just because it’s different, but because it’s worth watching, and because films, are still a form of art, a way to express and share something with the society.

This movie is about a  US Marine officer who volunteers to escort remains of a fallen Marine. It’s not simple as it sounds, because there is an ocean of emotions out there. I don’t know if there is such an expression or idea, but I think  it something like a “collective emotion” where you feel emotionally bonded with the people around you, and you share one common emotion. The success of the movie is in expressing that collective emotion, and also making you also a part of it.

Okay, there is expression, emotions etc etc .. but a movie is not just that, there are technical aspects, the way director and his team uses the medium and much more. As far as the visual appeal goes, the movie reached only average, it could have been more intense, carrying the emotions around the movie. Otherwise, it gets a good rating, overall.

I don’t why directory decided to stick on to narrations by characters, instead of bringing a flashback and telling the story by showing what happened there … may be they were trying to make it as realistic as possible ? I won’t say it was bad, but it was different, and you will notice it at some point, because your brain’s movie database is expecting a flash back there since you are so used to it.

Rating : 8.5/10
Type:  Try Hard, not to Cry ….

Love you, Flickr ….

I love Flickr

I started using internet only a few years back. My first internet experience was creating an email address on Yahoo! Mail. Those were the days before Gmail …. when Yahoo! used to be the star

… Now, things have changed and most of us use gmail and other google services … still ….  Flickr makes us stick to Yahoo!,  and we all love flickr.

I have started spending more time on flickr these days, with uploading, and editing pictures,  socializing, and making new friends etc …  and I started thinking if there was any other Yahoo! service that I still use … hmmm Yahoo Messenger at times, I guess .. other than that, Yahoo! is completely out of my online life.

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The White Tiger

The White Tiger speaks about India, in a way no one else will. I said no one else will and not no one else can’t. I will tell you why. It’s because most of us can describe India as White Tiger does, but we will not.

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Two Years together, in love

Love heart

Bangalore, a rainy day of October, 2006: Two friends walked in to a bus stop near Madiwala. They walked in as “friends”. But with the rain came love, which filled their heart and changed them in to two lovers, as they walked out.

Yes, its been two years since we met and decided that we will be together.  It’s that time of the year, when we travel back in to our memories, and live those days again.

 It feels so special to be with you, dear, or, rather, its so special, to be “yours”.