Here is a news from the Malayalam blogging community, and it is no more an issue of Malayalam Bloggers alone. I am not writing a long post about the issue because you have a lot to read at the pages linked to.

See the first email from the blogger :

You have copied from malayalam blogs and
placed it on your website.

These links show the copied stories and poems from Malayalam blogs. You have no right to do so. You have ads all over your website. You cannot put ads on copied content. This issue will be reported to your hosting service and to google.

And the reply ? here is a sample.

May be I might dont know how to reply properly, however it’s none of your business since you are another malayali thinks world is under your neath.. Just get rid of all the ego’s and come down to earth.. may be your parents didnt teach you to respect other and get respect.. I am too nice based on your character.. You are Nothing, just another FOB.. So Do NOT think you are on top of me or us.. Rule your husband or familly.. DO NOT TRY TO RULE THE WORLD…

Read the entire Story in Malayalam or in English