Yahoo! is getting ready for something like Google Adsense. Well, its not a “new news”, I know. However, If you do not know about it yet, check out I am just wondering when they are actually launching it. Just curious. I tried to check that out but, I got a response saying that Its still under Beta version and I think it’s been in that stage for long time now.

Question for you : Do you think, if Yahoo! launches their program soon, do you think its going to gain popularity ?

I have one reason to say it may. It has paypal as a payment option, which will attract non-us publishers. Google’s checks takes ages to arrive and get cleared. But, with paypal, things get faster. However, Google can add paypal anytime, and Yahoo! may loose that advantage too. Or Google might look at acquring paypal too lol !!

Yahoo! should concentrate on bringing new publishers in. I think they can try something like what they did with the WordPress plugin. They can concentrate on wordpess ( self hosted ) publishers and bring some easy tool. Or they can offer good referral rewards.

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