Simple question, you may say. What should be the first widget on your sidebar ?. If you  spend lot of time on keeping sidebar active, and well designed, this question is very important for you.

The general trend

Usually, people keep any of the following as their first widget : ads, a welcome message, about me text, categories, rss feed link, .. ( sorry, that is a never ending list.)  People who do personal blogging, usually put an gif or jpeg with welcome message, and sometimes they list the books they are reading, or movies they watch. People who wants money from blogging try to put ads as their first widget.

But, which one should I put first ?

Okay, answering that question is not easy, since your blog is different from everyone else’ and so is your needs. So, you should find out which widget is the most important one.  I will help you to find the right one.

When you visit a new blog, or a particular blog post, what is the first thing you do after reading  it ? we take a look at the sidebar, right ? ( yes, obviously… and that is why the first widget so important ) … so think like this … what do you want the user to do after they read your first post ( or their first post on your blog, if they reached through google or a link ) …  your first widget should be an answer to this question.

Do you want them to read more of your blog posts ? list all the topics you cover on your blog ( categories widget ). Do you want them to click on ads  ? Do you want them to subscribe to your feed ? put an RSS subscription link …  and so on …   Isn’t that easy  ?

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