Do you Use Photoshop ? You will love the “Content Aware Fill”

Do you use photoshop to edit photos, say, some touchup work after you click them ? There is a really huge thing getting ready, for the next release of photoshop. Here is a video on how it works. Its called Content Aware Fill.

Now see a funny take on this feature

Photo Blog

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I was looking for a plugin to display my flickr photos on the sidebar… and ended up creating a photoblog page. It was an easy task … and here is the result

I can haz a Canon Powershot SX100 IS

So, without waiting for SX110 IS, we ended up buying SX100 IS. The plan was to wait for the SX110, and finish my two wheeler loan by then etc …..  But that visit to Whizz inside the Forum Mall, Bangalore, changed everything. We went inside to check the status of SX110, and saw our sweet SX100 there, asked its price, quality etc, and  then smiled at each other … “shall we ?” that was the meaning of the smile …..   l have few photos to show you,

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If I am Lucky Enough …..

Canon Poswershot SX110

If I am lucky enough, I will have this in my hand within two months.

iPhone, will you marry me ?

After falling in love with iPod shuffle, my new girl friend, I decided to ask iPhone, if she is ready to marry me.

Yes’ I know, that sounds weird. But, my parents told me that it is ok with them as long as the girl is from the Apple family. Actually they will be happy to have iPhone as her daughter in law, because apple has offered 8GB as dowry compared to 2GB from iPod shuffle.

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How much should we spend on a mobile phone ?

I know  that it is easy to answer that question.  It will be few numbers, the price  the mobile that you own, or of a handset that you are planning to purchase.  Adding to the list of questions that I have been asking you all these days, here is another one

How much should we spend on a Mobile Phone ?

Now, that is an interesting question. Let me make it little more confusing.
Is it ok to have a phone worth some Rs.2000 , with nothing more than call + sms facility ?

Or spend a little more to add an FM receiver to it ?

Should I have a color handset like my friends ?

What will girls think of me if my Mobile has no camera in it ?

When they compare the clarity of photos, I will  need a 3.2 MP camera on mine .. so I should spend a little more on that right ?

What if I don’t have enough space to store music ….

Now, let me ask you again … how much should we spend on a mobile phone ?

Add Comments To Photos on Orkut

Orkut has added a new feature, which is yet to be officially announced through their blog. You can now add comments on the photos in orkut albums.

This is going to be as popular as scraps, I believe. When I get time, I should go through albums of all my friends and post as many comments as possible lol. Hack in to everyone’s orkut album and comment now. Well, if you know how to hack an orkut album, teach me too. !!

Thanks to Rekha for this news

Manage your Orkut Album Better

I have seen many crazy orkuteers who keep updating their album on a daily basis. If you are  one of them, orkut has a new feature for you. You can now “drag n drop” photos to re order them in the same album.

Here is what you need to do, in order to re-arrange your photo album

1 Login to Orkut > Albums > Album that you want to edit >
2 Now, Click on “Reorder photos”
3 Drag and re-arrange your photos you wish
4 Save

I know it’s a good feature, but I am expecting more here. How will you move photos from one album to another ? There is no option for this at the moment. When will you enable this feature pleas ?

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