WordPress 2.8 is is the next major release of wordpress. The new feature that I am looking forward to, and playing around with now is the new way of installing and upgrading themes.

Please note that wordpress 2.8 is in the development stage and these features may or may not change when it’s released.

With wordpress 2.8, installing a new wordpress theme, and upgrading it, ( when the author updates the theme), is easy. It is done using the same method used for wordpress plugins. One condition : The theme should be hosted on the wordpress.org website, and for that, it should be GPL compatible.

Step 1. Browse and Find a Theme.

From “Appearance” tab, select ” Add New Themes” You will get a screen like this.

Installing Themes in WordPress 2.8

Step 2. Search

Search for your theme using keywords, or browse using tags. I searched for the theme “Hybrid”

Installing WordPress themes, 2.8

Step 3. Preview

Preview the theme that you selected. Click on the link “preview” and you will get a preview generated from wordpress.org page.

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