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Webcam Video Chat and Much More on Google Wave with 6rounds

6rounds is a featured Google Wave Extension for Video Chat and Collaboration. It lets you chat with your friends using webcam, and do many other things together, real time. With Google Wave + 6rounds, you can Chat View friends’ webcam… Continue Reading →

Live Blogging With Google Wave, iDEA

Want to cover an event through Live Blogging  ? Google Wave is all you need for Live blogging using WordPress (or any other blogging or CMS platform like Drupal and Joomla ). Read on, to know how this can be… Continue Reading →

3 More Cool Google Wave Gadgets !

It’s Google Wave gadget time again. Today, I have  3 cool Google Wave Gadgets to share with you. These are picked from the latest plugins added to the Google Wave plugins gallery. So, let’s go for a fun ride with… Continue Reading →

8 Google Wave plugins you must try when you get an account

Google wave is coming, well before Chrome OS, so stop being worried about Chrome and start thinking how to have fun with Google Wave. Isn’t that a better idea ? Now, let’s have some fun and find out some useful… Continue Reading →

Google Wave app for iPhone !!

If you are waiting for your google wave account to arrive, let’s have some fun watching a video here. It’s simply an iPhone app for using google wave on your iPhone ( do you have one ? ). It looks… Continue Reading →

Yahoo! Live – Go Live with your webcam..

……but what for ? I am writing this post with a big question in my mind. It started as soon as I found this new on my RSS feed reader. On Yahoo! Live, you can use your webcam to broadcast… Continue Reading →

Is iPhone the next big thing on Yahoo! and Google ?

Looking at the news on Yahoo! and Google blogs, I see them thinking about more features and upgrades. So, iPhone is something that we are going to see more mobile features being developed. Its no wonder because iPhone, after is… Continue Reading →

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