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Webcam Video Chat and Much More on Google Wave with 6rounds

6rounds is a featured Google Wave Extension for Video Chat and Collaboration. It lets you chat with your friends using webcam, and do many other things together, real time.

With Google Wave + 6rounds, you can

  • Chat
  • View friends’ webcam
  • Play games together
  • Edit Documents together
  • Watch the same video together
  • Browse together
  • Browse Facebook together

What is Real-Time C0llaboration

All this happen, real-time. If you are unsure of what “real-time” collaboration is, let me explain that real quick.

A collaborative editor is a software application that allows several people to edit a computer file using different computers. There are two types of collaborative editors, real-time and non-real-time. Real-time collaborative editors allow users to edit the same file at the same time. ( wikipedia )

So, when you say watch one video, in real-time, you are watching the same video, on two different computers, two different locations. Suppose you pause the video on your computer, same will happen on your friend’s computer too. Your friend can see every mouse movement  every click you make.

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Live Blogging With Google Wave, iDEA

Want to cover an event through Live Blogging  ? Google Wave is all you need for Live blogging using WordPress (or any other blogging or CMS platform like Drupal and Joomla ). Read on, to know how this can be done.

The Solution in Simple Words

Install a WordPress Plugin that embeds Google Wave in to your Blogpost, and then publish your wave on your blog, and you are ready for the show ! Now all you need to do is updating the wave, which will automatically update your blog post, real time.

Now, Those Simple Steps

Find the right Google Wave Plugin for you. If you are using WordPress, there are three plugins, wp-wave-shortcode, and wavepressthis. But the best wordpress plugin for Wave is, Wavr. It provides one click integration of Wave to WordPress.

If you are using Drupal on your website, “Drupal Waves” plugin will help you embed waves to your webpages. Find the details about Drupal wave and 7 more useful google wave plugins here. If you are using Joomla, you can download the Joomla Wave Plugin from here.

After the plugin is installed and activated, all you need to do is embed a wave in your blog post, and start updating the wave, which will be updated on the blog as well, real time. People can read things while you are typing those words, you can share images, videos, etc, by simply adding them to wave. Your blog post or webpage with the wave will work like a charm, providing live streaming of the session you are covering !!

What do you think ? :)

ps: photo by  Ben30

3 More Cool Google Wave Gadgets !

It’s Google Wave gadget time again. Today, I have  3 cool Google Wave Gadgets to share with you. These are picked from the latest plugins added to the Google Wave plugins gallery. So, let’s go for a fun ride with Google Wave Plugins !

1 Music Music !!   Play Piano on Google Wave

Piano on Google Wave

Piano on Google Wave

Yea, really… this is not a joke  ! You can play piano with your friends using Google Wave. Hmm I am thinking, what if someone creates a gadget where a group of people can play a bunch of musical instruments and play something cool together ? Is that too much to ask for ?  I don’t think so !

So, our gadget here is written in javascript. There is only very less information available about this gadget right now. When things are more clear, I will make sure that you guys get the latest information here okay ? So, for now, you can check out the plugin here

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8 Google Wave plugins you must try when you get an account

Google wave is coming, well before Chrome OS, so stop being worried about Chrome and start thinking how to have fun with Google Wave. Isn’t that a better idea ? Now, let’s have some fun and find out some useful Google Wave Plugins for you to test as soon as you get an account.

And check out the Google Wave Extension for Google Chrome too !!

1. Hobbity : A robot to make the urls shorten in the waves.

hobbity google wave plugin

hobbity google wave plugin

Twitter made us crazy about tiny URLs and url shortening services. So, we should not miss those short URLs when we start waving. Hobbity is a Google Wave plugin that will change your loooooooooooong URLs in to short ones. Details here

2. Bloggy : Publishes the contents of a wave to a blog.

Remember bloggy from Google’s preview of Google Wave at IO conference ? This is the same bloggy, a bot that helps you post a wave to a blog. Wanna See how it works ? Check out the video and more details here

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Google Wave app for iPhone !!

If you are waiting for your google wave account to arrive, let’s have some fun watching a video here. It’s simply an iPhone app for using google wave on your iPhone ( do you have one ? ). It looks interesting !

It’s nice to see the character to character transfer of conversations from a laptop to an iPhone, happening real time. Well, if you are not yet impressed by google wave, this is your turn to be a Google Wave fan !! get ready for that ! Now, a funny bit, whenever there is an error on this app, this is the message that you see

” Everything’s shiny, Cap,n. Not to fret !” Unfortunately, you’ll need to refresh. Wanna tell Dr. Wave what happened ?

That’s really funny.. isn’t it ? A really cool way to ask you to submit a bug report. This also shows that this app is not quite ready. But the video promises that things will look better by September 30th. So, wave fans, this thing is getting bigger !!

ps : I have a post waiting in my drafts, 8 wave plugins that you must try, when you get a wave account, its almost ready, stay tuned !


Yahoo! Live – Go Live with your webcam..

……but what for ?

I am writing this post with a big question in my mind. It started as soon as I found this new on my RSS feed reader.

On Yahoo! Live, you can use your webcam to broadcast your own live video channel. Or just tune in to other people’s channels. The video and audio are in real time, and as you watch someone’s channel or br

oadcast your own, you can interact chat-room style with other viewers. On Yahoo! Live there are limitless channels and anyone can be a star

Is it really useful ? In someway or the other ? I am yet to find an answer. I don’t think Yahoo! will develop something like this putting a lot of energey effort and money without something in mind. I am unsure of what the real use of this feature is, and I am still trying to figure out if there is any chance for this to be popular ( unless it turns dirty .. you know what I mean, there are lots of chances to get this misused. ) Continue reading

Is iPhone the next big thing on Yahoo! and Google ?

Looking at the news on Yahoo! and Google blogs, I see them thinking about more features and upgrades. So, iPhone is something that we are going to see more mobile features being developed. Its no wonder because iPhone, after is something that comes from the Mac family. Well, Just wondering when they are going to hit Indian market !! or is it already here ? anyone ?

Whats the news that made me think all these, ?

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac, is getting voice feature on it soon !! Well, isn’t it good enough to avoid your mobile bills and just pay the bill for internet on your iPhone ? hmm this is a good one dear Yahoo! and and as far as I know, google is yet to have gtalk with voice on iPhone. If you guys know about it, just drop me a comment.

Now, whats Google doing with iPhone ?

“At Macworld today, version 1.1.3 of Apple’s iPhone software was announced that includes updates to Google Maps for mobile and IMAP access to Gmail. ”

Google Maps is something that I am yet to try something on. So, I can’t comment. But, its really interesting to see IMAP added to iPhone’s Gmail.

Whats IMAP ? If you need a technical explanation, go right here. To make it simple, earlier, when iPhone was just downloading the email from gmail, and keeping it in your phone. The changes that you make on these messages on your iPhone, will not have any effect on your gmail inbox because its already a local file. But with IMAP, you are directly dealing with the contents in your gmail inbox itself, real time.

The most important thing that I see here, is you get the “real” gmail in to your phone not, just a POP access, like normal email IDs of hosted websites ( they have IMAP too, FYI ). Once you have the real Gmail on your phone, don’t you think more feature are going to be added, sooner ?