I will have to keep refreshing my gmail inbox for the whole day, or even longer !

Reason ?

I am waiting for Google Buzz to be added to my account.

My first thought  about Buzz was, hey Google is trying to start something similar to twitter.  Later, I figured that, this is little different. Google is trying to respond to most of the twitter and twitter like services, along with twitter related services we use regularly use.

1. Twitter : With status updates and @ replies, google will compete with twitter directly here, and this happens inside gmail inbox, so Google has millions of users already with them. Well, if they all start using buzz, of course.

2. URL shortening: Google has its own URL shortening service, which will be integrated to buzz.

3. FriendFeed: Friend Feed collects all our web 2.0 activities on a single page. Buzz is trying to do something similar. It can automatically pull updates from your twiiter, flickr, picasa and youtube etc, and I believe, more services will be added to this via plugins or extensions, later.

4. Twitpic and Others: We will see picasa being an important part of Buzz, for quick photo sharing, directly competing with twitpic and other twitter photo sharing websites.

Many Social networking services may end up being a buzz plugin or extension, in future, if Google Buzz becomes really popular, which only time can reveal to us. So, lets wait for our future to be decided 😉