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Windows Live Writer, my new blogging buddy

  So friends, this is a post from Windows Live Writer. I have always wanted to test windows live writer, and this was one of the first things that I downloaded after installing windows 7. As you can see, windows… Continue Reading →

Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel Launched

SEO ? I am a still newbie there … and I am too lazy to learn it … but when its a bunch of videos about it, its not going to be boring .. right ?  Okay, if you think… Continue Reading →

Self Hosted WordPress How to : Plugins

Plugins are something new that you are going to find on your dashboard while moving to self hosted wordpress blog. Plugins, as the name suggests, adds more features and addons to your blog. Most Popular Plugins: stats – so… Continue Reading →

Addicted to Thesis

Thesis ? ….. Ok, I know… that is what you are going to ask me…. right ? Okay, it is a WordPress theme … or rather,    a premium ( paid ) wordpress theme. If it was a free theme ……. Continue Reading →

My Malayalam Blogging Experience.

I know I don’t have enough experience in Malayalam blogging to actually get in to writing a review about it. These are my random thoughts on writing in Malayalam or few notes on what I am doing there. (1) I… Continue Reading →

Need Some SEO Help !

Yes, I am in need of some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Tips, or suggestions. I am not looking for any links, or any common tips. But, something related to do this blog. Something that you believe, that can… Continue Reading →

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