Windows Live Writer, my new blogging buddy


windows writer

So friends, this is a post from Windows Live Writer. I have always wanted to test windows live writer, and this was one of the first things that I downloaded after installing windows 7.

As you can see, windows live writer can detect the theme of your blog, and when you start writing, it will show you the page just as it will be when published. I took a screenshot of the screen and then posted it to the draft, very easily, and resizing and placing the image was really easy.

The theme of the blog is detected using a temporary post, which will be deleted as soon as theme is detected on windows writer. You can add tags and set your categories from windows live writer dashboard. Your categories are already imported when you set up the blog.

There are plugins that you can add to your live writer installation, like blog this for firefox, polaroid picture plugin ( which makes your picture look like poladoid ) and flickr plugin etc.

Something that I miss is, the auto tagging plugin, and all in one seo pack plugin which lets me set title tags etc for search engines. There should be some workaround here also, if you know how it is done, please drop me a comment.

So far windows Live writer looks good and works really well. I will be posting more if I find anything interesting ….  You can also try this once, its easy and useful. Let me know your thoughts after installing it. Installation and set up is really easy, in case you need help, please drop comments.

Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel Launched

SEO ? I am a still newbie there … and I am too lazy to learn it … but when its a bunch of videos about it, its not going to be boring .. right ?  Okay, if you think similar way, you can try this out, Google has launched Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel.

Google Webmaster Central is the service offered by Google for those who own a website or  blog for them to manage their google presence well. There are a few tools that will help you to make your site index better on google. You can add sitemaps, set crawling rates, see your stats, and most searched keywords etc. There is a lot happening in the Webmasters community around this service… now, here is the intro video of this new Youtube channel.

Now, I am expecting a question : can I add my wordpress.com blog to webmaster tools ? Yes, you can .. need help ? let me know .. I will tell you how to add your wordpress.com blog, and then add sitemap too !! drop me comments if you need help ..

Self Hosted WordPress How to : Plugins

Plugins are something new that you are going to find on your dashboard while moving to self hosted wordpress blog. Plugins, as the name suggests, adds more features and addons to your blog.

Most Popular Plugins:

WordPress.com stats – so that you won’t miss your stats as you used ton wordpress.com blogs. This plugin needs a wordpress.com API code, which you fill find on your wordpress dashboard ( link )

All in One SEO – For SEO crazy bloggers. I have installed it, but not sure how to make the best out of it. Yep, I am not a SEO guy.

Auto Tager : Suggests and adds tags automatically when you write, edit and publish your blog posts. Very useful.

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Addicted to Thesis

Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis ? ….. Ok, I know… that is what you are going to ask me…. right ? Okay, it is a WordPress theme … or rather,    a premium ( paid ) wordpress theme. If it was a free theme …. you know me very well right ? ( if you do not know … I keep changing my themes .. I change whenever I find a good theme ).

See what it’s author says

I built the Thesis Theme because I wanted a framework that had it all—killer typography, a dynamically resizable layout, intelligent code, airtight optimization, and tons of flexibility. Now, after months of field testing, I’m confident enough to offer it to those of you who have come to expect nothing but the finest themes from me.

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My Malayalam Blogging Experience.

I know I don’t have enough experience in Malayalam blogging to actually get in to writing a review about it. These are my random thoughts on writing in Malayalam or few notes on what I am doing there.

(1) I am still trying to learn to type in good Manglish that Blogger will understand, in order to transliterate it in to Malayalam words.

(2) I do not know how Google will index blogs in Mayalam or any language other than English. I am still at zero on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in Indic languages including Malayalam.

(3) 99% of Malayalam blogs are on blogger.com ( or blogspot ) and there are only very few people who actually try it with WordPress.com or wordpress.org

(4) There is a good community of Malayalam bloggers.

(5) There is lot of serious blogging happening. They are discussing politics,history,international issues,poetry,culture.. and lot of serious topics.

(6) Malayalam blogging community is trying everything possible to get more people in to Malayalam blogging.

(7) Most of the Malayalam blogs are 100% in Malayalam.

(8) I am yet to see someone who is trying to make money through blogging.

(9) I need to personally ask Malayalam bloggers if they are satisfied with what they get on Blogger.com

(10) I will try to bring them to WordPress.

Need Some SEO Help !

Yes, I am in need of some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Tips, or suggestions. I am not looking for any links, or any common tips. But, something related to do this blog. Something that you believe, that can improve the search engine position of this blog.

I am not good in this SEO stuff. I really want to learn more on this topic. Do you have any blogs or sites that can help ? Blogs will be great, coz I can subscribe on Google Reader, and I will gradually learn stuff without even knowing that I am learning.

Have you tried anything on your blog and found it useful ? I mean, something that really worked for you ? just drop me a comment here if you are okay with in ( I know you won’t share your secrets easily )