Installing new themes using WordPress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 is is the next major release of wordpress. The new feature that I am looking forward to, and playing around with now is the new way of installing and upgrading themes.

Please note that wordpress 2.8 is in the development stage and these features may or may not change when it’s released.

With wordpress 2.8, installing a new wordpress theme, and upgrading it, ( when the author updates the theme), is easy. It is done using the same method used for wordpress plugins. One condition : The theme should be hosted on the wordpress.org website, and for that, it should be GPL compatible.

Step 1. Browse and Find a Theme.

From “Appearance” tab, select ” Add New Themes” You will get a screen like this.

Installing Themes in WordPress 2.8

Step 2. Search

Search for your theme using keywords, or browse using tags. I searched for the theme “Hybrid”

Installing WordPress themes, 2.8

Step 3. Preview

Preview the theme that you selected. Click on the link “preview” and you will get a preview generated from wordpress.org page.

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Theme Thoughts

WordPress themes, one of my favorite topics !! Okay, this time, I am writing a post to let you all know that I will soon be releasing a free wordpress theme. It will be a child theme based on the Cutline theme framework.

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I’m back !!

Hi there, I am back, and yes, a new theme …  and probably, you will see another theme here when wordpress 2.7 is out ok ? ( for those who are interested in wordpress 2.7 release, its almost done, and most probably, you will see it before december is here) This theme is one of the favorites, of many people here, I saw very good response when I tried this last time, so hopefully, you are okay with this.


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Child Themes in WordPress 2.7, and Copyblogger theme

If you are wondering why “wordpress 2.7″, yes, it’s time for another wordpress upgrade. WordPress 2.7 is on its way with loads of features including automatic upgrade, sticky posts ( which wordpress.com users already have ) etc ….

With this update, wordpress will boost the use of “child themes” in wordpress design and development. With more power added to the child themes feature, you will see more child themes coming out in near future.  So, what is a child theme in wordpress, is copyblogger theme using it already ?

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We have a new theme !!

If you are not a new visitor, I am sure you know about my habit of changing themes again and again. This post will add another one to the list. So we have a new theme !!

Changing the theme is always fun. For many, theme change is lot of work and something that they usually avoid, because it includes a lot – re arrange sidebar, edit codes, links if any etc. But, I enjoy each and every step involved in a theme change !!

I can edit the files to include the stats tracking code for Google Analytics, make minor changes in the code of the theme, experiment with Adsense, try new color for it new location, new size and format … and more

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Another Theme change ?

Okay, I got new domain, installed blog and restored most of my old posts. I told her, ok I have done this far. The response was, ” Okay, good, but don’t keep changing your theme”

If you are not the first time here, I am sure you know how crazy I am about themes. Or crazy about changing themes ?. Current theme is something I loved at first sight. I need to give a link to the theme page. Why ? hmm what if I change this one too ? How will you understand which theme I am referring to ? So, here is the link

I love the current theme. But that doesn’t mean that I am completely satisfied with this theme. First let me tell you why I love this theme.

1 It’s easy to read : no strain to go through the blog post. So, it supports the content very well.
2 It looks fresh and Clean
3 It has a good color scheme
4 It’s not so common. You won’t easily get it.
5 It was designed by the theme author for this own website and that means its a special one
6 It was designed by my favorite Designer, Small Potato of Wpdesigner.com

So, what’s wrong with the theme ? Only one thing. I am not happy with the header alignment. Its not like normal headers ok, but still I feel there is something missing, on the header layout. I want the header image to be on the top of the blog title.

What now ? I am thinking about a theme change but luckily ( yes !!) I can’t find a theme that matches all my requirements.

Now, what you guys think about this theme ? Do I need to change it ? I know you are going to tell me to correct the header myself. I am too lazy … still I will not say ” No, I will not try” I will try. Hmm and yes, that’ll be great if I could get any help from you guys … any wordpress designers around ?

Your comments please !!

I Love WordPress.com

I was going through wordpress.com home page for new blog posts… featured blogs…same time thinking what to write about.. oh yea.. what to blog about right ? .. then I thought I am gong through something I can blog about ? ….

Yes ..I think I should write something about wordpress….

 I started blogging during my Poornam days… and it was nice time always with all our blogger friends of Poornam.. Arun, Nasra, Sojish, Chakky……. Even our Director Amarjyoti was a blogger…. most of them had their own websites… and knew coding very well… working on websites and webservers all the time they were really good at it…and always helped me and Arun.. who were Arts graduate bloggers … ( yea !! others B.Tech Bloggers ;) )

I tried a lot of free websites…. blogging sites.. and finally reached wordpress.com.. and I never thought about moving to another blogging platform… Yes.. this is the right place for bloggers… lot of features.. widgets coming in daily.. easy to use.. new themes coming in …. wordpress.com seems to be the most happening place these days..

I miss my blogging community of Poornam though… still. yes.. wordpress is again the place where  we keep in touch with .. I can take the credit of brining Arun to wordpress.com… and Nasra also used wordpress software in her own website… two of them worked together to create a blog about the table tennis tournament of Poornam …Â

WordPress.com… Thanks a lot … for giving me the best blogging experience..