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“Google Me” is Google’s Own “Facebook” ?

Rumor has it that Google is planning a Facebook like social media networking platform, named “Google Me”. This news comes after their failed experiment with  “buzz”  which was supposed to be a twitter competitor. So, its better not to have… Continue Reading →

The Web 2.0 Customer Care Awesomeness – Thanks to Twitter

Customer Service is what I do for a living, and Web 2.0 is my passion. That should be the reason why the following Tweet caught my attention, and even made me write this blog post ! Anand Mahindra is the… Continue Reading →

Future of Google Wave : Themes and then Wave Desktop Clients

Google Wave will be released later this year. The world is waiting ( just like you and me !! ) … but, lets take a moment to think about how Google Wave will be evolving. Google Wave Themes First simple… Continue Reading →

8 Google Wave plugins you must try when you get an account

Google wave is coming, well before Chrome OS, so stop being worried about Chrome and start thinking how to have fun with Google Wave. Isn’t that a better idea ? Now, let’s have some fun and find out some useful… Continue Reading →

Tweetbacks : Steal your comments from Twitter !

Ready for some action ? Okay, we are going to steal some comments for your blog posts from twitter. Don’t worry, they took our comments first, now we are stealing them back, so you will not be punished ( if… Continue Reading →

Twitter : Will you follow me just because I followed you ?

This is not a “happy” post.  I am just explaining how I feel about a certain nature of some ( read many ) twitizens, they follow you just because you followed them, or they follow you, to make you follow… Continue Reading →

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