farmville-game-facebookWe usually start our weekends at the Forum Mall, here in Bangalore. This weekend, while we were in the Mall, She said,

“let’s go to the apple store”.

I was surprised, because apple store is one of the two restricted areas for me inside The Forum;  reason ? : gadgets are dangerous for me. ( the other restricted place  is Landmark, coz, I am addicted to books too ).

I asked her “what for ?” and she said …. ” I want to check my facebook” … and I was ..

” WHAT ?”

This happened 10 minutes after we left our home , where we have broadband Internet, and  where we are supposed to be back again in another two hours of three. Why can’t she wait for few more hours before she can check facebook again ? The answer is, A facebook app, or a game called “Farm Ville”

I decided to see  what this is all about, and I have to admit, I got myself addicted to this game now. So, if you have a facebook account, and going to check this out, take this as a warning. You may get addicted.

This is a simple flash based game, that you can install as an app on your facebook account. You get a small area or, farm which you can develop with plants, trees, sheep and goats etc. Slowly, you develop your farm and earn points, add your friends as neighbors, etc etc ..  There is a stupid option where you can purchase points, ( yea, pay using your credit card .. no !! I am not kidding )  with which you can buy virtual trees and seeds … interesting uh ?

I usually ignore all app requests on facebook and I was ignoring this one also, so far. But, when I started using this, I found out that almost all of my friends are already in there, living in their virtual farm houses. With straberries, Apple trees, and orange trees.  I got a chat message from a friend asking me to send him an orange tree as a gift ( yes, you can send people trees and more as gifts ).

What makes it sooo addictive ? I don’t have an answer. But, there is something that you will notice. Each plant or tree gets ready for harvesting in certain amount of time. So, if you have a plant that you are supposed to harvest in 2 hours, you should login to facebook and connect to this app on that time, and if you are late, your fruit will be gone as in the real world. ( now you know why she wanted to go to apple store and login to facebook from there !! )  So you are connected to this app all the time, you check back at certain intervals to make sure that everything is fine ….

If you get started after reading this post .. let me know !!