Android Netbook

Day Dreaming is my favorite hobby !!! Nice .. isn’t it ? and lately, my day dreams too turned geek. Android .. google and Netbooks. I started dreaming about these three, after reading so much about them.

But why should I read a lot about them ? What makes it interesting ?

1. Linux has become user friendly and powerful and it is ready for the use of common man. 2. Linux will be the best choice for Netbooks. 3. What Linux needs now is support from a Company which has mass acceptance, and Google is the best partner it can ever get.

So, when google and Linux join together, we need to expect something .. big …  reason ?.

Imagine you introduce Linux to a Windows user, and tell them this is Ubuntu, a Linux OS .. try this out … they may not do it .. and they will start complaining about it even if they start using it .. but  the desktop environment is pretty much the same. Now, introduce Google Docs to a MS Office user, and tell him/her that this is a Google Product.. they will like it.. sure, they will at least try it out for some time.

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