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How to Embed Youtube videos in a WAVE

Update:  Embedding video in a wave is easier than I thought. Just paste the video URL, and it will show a small icon at the end of the URL, asking if you want to embed the video. Click that, and you are done.

And check out the Google Wave Extension for Google Chrome too !!

Google wave is not just for communication and collaboration. It’s for fun and entertainment too. Can you imagine entertainment on the web without Youtube videos ? …  here is sweet plugin that lets you embed youtube videos in to a WAVE.

HTML Gadget, the Plugin

Youtube Video on Google Wave

Youtube Video on Google Wave

This wave addon lets you add HTML, CSS and Javascript codes to your WAVE. To embed a Youtube video, you need enable this plugin, and then copy paste the youtube video’s embed code as you do on normal webpages and blog posts. Simple ? You will get more details about this plugin from this page.

I will be updating this post with more information and screenshots when Google Wave is out. Stay tuned.

Youtube Vidoes with Google Docs Presentation

Yes, here is a new feature on Google docs. Add Youtube Videos to your presentations. You can insert one or more YouTube videos onto your slides and play the videos while you’re presenting.

Its been a long time since I have done a presentation. Anyway, I will be doing my next presentation on Google docs. Well, if I ever get chance to do one. If any of you guys are using Google Docs presentation, and would like to comment on how useful this feature is, you are most welcome to drop a comment here.

Another feature they added recently, is Speaker notes. If you do now know what speaker notes are, on a presentation, this is what it is. “Seasoned presenters keep their slides simple and use slides to help illustrate their points, not to present all of their information. They jot down their talking points, examples, and supporting evidence in speaker notes”

So, if you were looking for this option in Google Docs, its there now, try it out !!

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