No, this is not a new theme !!

Guys, we have a new design, but I did not change the theme, yes this is “copyblogger”.  Inspired by deigners and bloggers out there, I tried my css skills on the copyblogger theme and ended up here, with this design. ( header image needs a color change, agreed 🙂 redesigned header : brilliant job again by Chirag !!)

So, what I need now is little feedback, good bad and the ugly. If you say, “really good”, I may not work hard enough to make this look even better, so be careful when you comment !!

PS: Thank You Gisele Jaquenod for helping me to fix the sidebar error & Thank You “she” for her valuable suggestions !!


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  1. Anytime you need me sweetie!

  2. @ Gis

    Thank you !!!!

  3. This look is great no clutter and clean. even while i type this the looks are prety awesome. 🙂

  4. @ s4n705h

    thank you 🙂 keep bringing suggestions buddy !!

  5. Suggestion: Have a look at
    Ignore his colors and stuff, just take in the layout. I know its difficult, but its just CSS nothing else (for sure). See if you get some idea from it.

  6. @ Suda

    thanks .. that one was clean and pleasant .. but, it suits better for a photo blog, like his … than something like this ? but still, its still a challenge .. to learn to code such a layout !!

  7. Dinu, this looks Good. Header need to change 🙂

  8. @ Chirag Chamoli

    thank u 🙂 yes, need to change 🙂 an suggestion 😛 ??

  9. @ Chirag Chamoli

    sure, no problem 🙂 I love your work, thats why I decided to keep this header, eventhough its not matching with the color scheme ….

  10. I am honored, thanks. I will re-work on the background gradient.

  11. @ Chirag Chamoli

    🙂 no problem … take your time .. and yea .. faded one ok 😀

  12. im no expert in blog design obviously … but although me likes the header ‘color’, i dun think it suits you …… even i dont know u yet but from little interaction …. maybe i am wrong. hehehe if i am wrong, well then, it’s a great color. :p

  13. @ roop rai

    I know I know … the color is good, it was really great with my white background earlier .. but with this color theme, it needs a change 🙂 you will see it soon

  14. Due the maroon bar!!!

  15. @ Chirax

    yea !!!! its driving me crazy !! I cant find it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. good 😛
    anyway u are going to change it in a weeks time again
    aren’t u ?? 😛

  17. @ arvind

    nooooo .. I dont think so … coz I spent too much time on this 😛 and yea, this is like the way I wanted my theme to be .. I am still learning a lot of about this theme .. I have different blogs installed on this domain to test … so new themes will go there for testing .. btw, did u like this design ? any suggestion ?

  18. Can I say this, This looks perfect 🙂 You have done a wonderful job.

  19. Now work on your footer.

  20. @ Chirax

    thank you !!!!!!!! you have done a great job !!!
    need to work on footer, yes , you are right 🙂

  21. Nice theme! But the real question is: How long are you going to stick to this theme?

  22. @ | Balu |

    I can’t say “ever” 😀

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