Plugin Week, from Binny

My friend Binny has started an interesting initiative on his blog, called  “Plugin Week”. The idea is to release one plugin each day, for the entire week. He has already published 2 plugins – Eventr & Autofields WordPress plugin.

He is lazy, wait, it’s a new kind of laziness, I don’t know any name for it, hmm, ( you can suggest one, of course ).  If you tell him to shut off his PC, when he is not using it, he will say, ok I will write a script for it , so that he pc shuts down itself, when I am not using it for a while .. yes, he can write code for anything and everything.

He told me that he has got some script running on his PC, which downloads all the TED videos to his machine, whenever the Internet connection is free. ( I will get a DVD with Ted videos from him when I visit him next time … oh no !!  that’s not a bribe for writing this post, ok ?  you guys can write me an email or drop a comment and I will get you a copy of that DVD )

Okay, I am still on my break, ( hmmm …. long one .. ) and will get you more updates later. Don’t forget to subscribe to his RSS feed, and try out all his plugins….

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  1. Thanks for the mention. By the way, the name of my laziness is Interest Based Priority Arrangement System

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