RSS Feed Reader Full of Unwanted Blog Posts ? Easy Solution: Subscribe to Categories !

Imagine, you found a nice blog with loads of posts about one of your favourite topics, wordpress. Naturally, you will subscribe to it’s RSS feed. Now, this blog is not just about wordpress. They also publish articles about Linux, Photoshop, and Mac .. which you are not interested in.

After few days or weeks, the blog starts filling your RSS feed reader with posts that you are not interested in and every time you look at the count of unread items on the reader, you feel bad ..

Do you want to get rid of those unwanted posts and read only your favorite topic ?

Yes, it’s possible.

You can subscribe to each category of a blog, or even a tag from the blog.  By doing this, you will get RSS feed updates only from that category and that means, less corowded RSS reader !!

The method is simple. Add /feed to the category, or tag URL. I will show you an example. The URL for WordPress category, on this blog is to get the RSS feed of this category, you add /feed to it, and the URL becomes Use the same method for tags too !! tag, the difference.

This method will not give desired results for tag feeds on hosted blogs. On a blog, the tag is link to entire ie, if you post a tag to your blog, its not, but, it will be Hence, when you subscribe to the tag feed here, you are subscribing to the entire tag, and not just that particular blog. But categories work normally on too.

So, next time you subscribe to RSS feed from a blog, read those categories and some more posts, and decide weather you need the entire blog feed, or any particular category.

Another use, more organized RSS Reader

See few topics that I have on my RSS reader “CSS, WordPress Design, Blogging”.  Imagine there is a blog covering all these three areas. When I organize by RSS feed reader, which currently have more than 200 blogs added to it, where will I add this blog ? To the CSS category or WordPress Design, or Blogging ?

Solution with Category RSS.

I can subscribe to these three categories separately, and add three feeds to three different lists, and in toto, the number of posts remains the same .. but well organized .. only an extra minute spent while subscribing to RSS feed !!

So, try this out …


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  1. I have to admit that I have done this for one or two blogs – but it is something blog owners frown upon. People who subscribe this way cannot be tracked using feedburner.

    Binny V A’s last blog post..Useless Skills, Part 2: Making Pretty Squiggly Lines

  2. Dude, my rss feed management is stupidly awesome. I never have more than, 150 Friends Feeds + 50 popular ones 🙂

    Chirag’s last blog post..Nothing To Live For

  3. I already have too few feeds to do something like this! 🙂
    But this is something worth keeping in mind.

    amit’s last blog post..I am

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