Canonical Links in WordPress, and Some SEO lessons

It all started when I saw my search engine stats going up, nearly doubling, this week. I am not sure if this flow is going to continue, but I was happy when I saw that first time. I did not do anything special about this, and that made it more sweet.

Increase in hits inspired me, and I checked my stats on Google Analytics from the very first day of this new blog, and found that more than 75% of visits are from Search Engines. I do not know anything about SEO other than its meaning but still I decided to see if there was something that I can do.

First thing that I did was correcting the sitemap URL from Google Webmaster Tools. When I first submitted the sitemap, it showed errors because of the www prefix mismatch on sitemap and the blog. I had tried everything possible to fix it, but somehow, today I fixed it. Google has picked up my xml sitemap with 2000+ links. There are no URLs indexed yet, but I hope to see some improvement very soon.

Second was learning about Canonical Links, and how it works on WordPress. The following video and Binny’s post about the plugin and code for canonical links in WordPress helped. I used the plugin instead of adding the code to the theme, because I will be changing themes very often, and it I may forget adding the code to each and every theme.  ( I lost my stats for many days because I forgot to add Gooogle Analytics tracking code to the new theme )

I have set my preferred URL from Webmaster Tools, and its my www. version now. So, if you guys are linking here, please try to use instead of Also, if you are using canonical URL, please drop me a comment so that I can adjust my links to your blog.

Another thing that I did was deleting my old blog on, because that blog adds as duplicate content for search engines. Thank you, !!

” Search sent 28,220 total visits via 12,919 keywords”  ( for the stats for one year ) I am happy to see this on my stats. Let us hope this this grows even more in coming days !! wish me good luck guys !!


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  1. I really need to connect up with you. I have no clue on all these. Will be calling you one of these days..

    You seem to be a veteran !

    Kavi’s last blog post..Road Series : Madness !

    • hey, I am no biggie here !! there are real heroes around there, and I am running around here and there to learn a bit 😀

      and yea, I would prefer an email 😀

  2. I used the plugin instead of adding the code to the theme, because I will be changing themes very often, and it I may forget adding the code to each and every theme.

    That is a good reason to use the plugin. In my case, I rarely change the theme – I just keep tweaking the theme I use until it becomes another theme. Then I continue tweaking – I don’t stop.

    Binny V A’s last blog post..Useless Skills, Part 2: Making Pretty Squiggly Lines

  3. For stats I stick to statpress plugin.. google analytics is not comprehensive enough.. 10 visits from twitter are shown as just two at times etc etc

    | Balu |’s last blog post..What happened to Mii? =/

    • I haven’t tried using two stats services together to see if Google Analytics is missing something … have you tried that ?

  4. Yup.. using analytics, statpress and stats

    | Balu |’s last blog post..What happened to Mii? =/

  5. well my stats are going up after a long time…back to the 200 per day….I am mostly moving on to my domain…..and Will do the pdf post soon 🙂

    And ya thanxs for the info…

    vishesh’s last blog post..The essence

    • 200 perday, is pretty cool 🙂 is it unique visitors or pageviews ?
      moving to your own domain ? congrats 😀
      waiting for your pdf post 🙂

  6. I am on and off of this Google Webmaster Tools. I just hate that googlel28992ows.Html page 🙂 . But, as for SEO, Do you think personal blogggers also, need to think about it?

    Chirag’s last blog post..India 101 – Quick Guide For Indians and Foreigners Alike

    • hmm even personal bloggers love high numbers in their stats board, right ? if they do, they need to think about SEO, but I agree, its not so important when compared to pro blogging … in personal blogging, what you should be looking for is more comments, more RSS feed readers, and more socializing … etc ( I felt incomplete without that etc lol )

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