How to Embed Youtube videos in a WAVE

Update:  Embedding video in a wave is easier than I thought. Just paste the video URL, and it will show a small icon at the end of the URL, asking if you want to embed the video. Click that, and you are done.

And check out the Google Wave Extension for Google Chrome too !!

Google wave is not just for communication and collaboration. It’s for fun and entertainment too. Can you imagine entertainment on the web without Youtube videos ? …  here is sweet plugin that lets you embed youtube videos in to a WAVE.

HTML Gadget, the Plugin

Youtube Video on Google Wave

Youtube Video on Google Wave

This wave addon lets you add HTML, CSS and Javascript codes to your WAVE. To embed a Youtube video, you need enable this plugin, and then copy paste the youtube video’s embed code as you do on normal webpages and blog posts. Simple ? You will get more details about this plugin from this page.

I will be updating this post with more information and screenshots when Google Wave is out. Stay tuned.


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  1. Nice blog. It sounds interesting to be able to use youtube videos in wave, when wave is used as a wiki.

  2. Nice post. Where this could have some application is that you could do a review of video collaboratively with a Wave group.
    For instance, my daughter had as homework to watch “Home”. Instead of having all her friends at the house watching it. They could have just opened a Wave, embedded the video and watched and commented as it moved along.
    Could be great for Ad agencies reviewing a campaign and not all being available in the same location.
    The different applications of this is endless and of course it doesn’t start and end with YouTube videos.

    • sounds great ! I never thought of that possibility .. but hell yes !! considering the fact that the video will be served real time, people can watch the same thing at the same time, and then comment on it … HOW BRILLIANT !!

  3. Thanks! great tip.
    greetings frank

  4. Are you limited to embedding a YouTube video into a wave? I use TokBox to create/share video messages with students and colleagues. TokBox provides both a URL link to a video message, as well as, html code for embedding a Flash player into a web page. Will it be possible to embed a TokBox video message into a wave?

    How do I add the HTML Gadget to my wave? I do not understand the steps needed to do this.

    Thanks for the help.

    Rick Lillie
    CSU San Bernardino

  5. Hey! I just tried to embed a You Tube video, my third attempt was succesful (thanks to your blog), but when we tried to play it, it says something about not being authorized or something to play and then it sorta whites out… (The space is in the wave but the video can no longer be seen…) Also, is it possible that the lightbulb only appears in some programs (like they do in Firefox, but not in IE…?) Or is just random?

  6. really thanx-a-lot!

  7. This helped with the first part I needed….now what I want to know is if it is possible to get a video you are watching and have paused, in to the wave as is….meaning at the paused point? I can get it embedded, and then move it to the paused point and save in the wave, but I would love to be able to have it know where I was. My real life application is right now….I’m watching the video on youtube, but about to board a plane….I would like to save the video where it is paused in to wave and then pick it up on the plane once I’m in the air….from my iPhone! Would be nice, eh?


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