Ever since my blogs started making little money, I have invested on premium theme framework and child themes (or skins). Thesis theme was my first investment in blogging other than the hosting expenses that I was already paying.

Lately, I have been reading a lot about the Genesis framework and their child themes.

Most people rate both Thesis and Genesis almost equally in most of the things, but the pricing is a huge attraction for Genesis. There is no pro package. You purchase the theme once and you get full support and updates for the life time, for any number of domains that you want to use it on.

The Thesis option was ok for me because apart from this personal blog of mine, I had only one pro-blogging effort, and I used Thesis there. But in 2013, I added two more domains and started blogging there. I blog on Chrome Story regularly, and I keep the other two updated as much as possible, most of the time spending weekends on them.

I write very less here on this blog these days though.

So, Genesis package will give the freedom to use the Framework on all my blogs without paying extra dollars for the developer option like Thesis.


It is a tough decision to make, comparing all the features and design opportunities.

Which one should I choose now?