The Blah Blah Blah Introduction/Background

After a week long vacation in Kerala, my wife and I packed our bags and reached the railway station.  It was 9pm, and we still had 15 – 20 minutes before the train arrived.

We said our “tata-bye-bye” to my brother-in-law and his friend who dropped us on their two wheelers. The ticket was in the “waiting list” when we booked, but as usual, it should be “confirmed” by now, we thought.

Yes, the ticket was still “waiting list” and the ticket was booked online, which means we cannot get in to the train and beg the ticket examiner to give us some space to sleep.

(Stop that devilish grin on your face and continue reading now.)

Our next option is to take a general ticket, get in to the next train, and try to get a seat/berth.  This was a newly introduced AC only train, and we have better chances of getting a berth here, the guy at the counter said.

So, we now have a couple of hours to spend in a city where my wife grew up, and I worked for 3 years and more importantly, had nothing to do after 9.30Pm.

Cochin after 10pm is not an exciting place to hang out. Empty roads and closed roads greet you almost everywhere.  We decided to try our luck finding some street food, and an ATM to fetch some cash to pay for our ticket (which we may or may not get).

The Real Story

MG Road, 10 PM. My wife is inside the ATM getting the money and I am waiting outside respecting the privacy of her ATM card PIN.

Is there any good place to go at night in Cochin?” a voice asks from behind me.

I turn around and see a fair, tall guy with lots of pimples on his face.

I freaked out.

Why is this guy asking me for a place to go to enjoy the night?

I am not what you think, buddy. I am married..see that lady inside the ATM? she’s my wife.. I wanted to say.

I don’t know” I finally said.

Aren’t you from here?” he asked


He walked away with a surprised look, ran towards and mom and dad who were waiting a few steps away. I now figured out that he was just a boy, little tall for his age.

They discussed something real quick, gave me a confused look and started walking again towards the junction.

Oh! Now I get it.

A family stuck in the city, unplanned, looking for tourist attractions to explore…

and what did I think!!

What he meant is not what I meant.